Month: August 2010

When Can A Child Start To Learn Math?

Studies are showing that you can begin teaching your children math while they’re still in the womb!

So it’s probably safe to say that it’s never too early to start your child on the path toward learning math.

With that in mind, I found a video on youtube that I’d like to share with you.

It’s called the counting song:

Try sharing this with your child once they’re old enough to start singing. Singing is a great way to learn just about any subject.

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Teaching Tips For Helping Children To Learn Math

The perception that some children are gifted, born with “math know how” and learn math easily is not a truism!

If you are a teacher and want to effectively help your young students learn math, Jennifer Dobson has written a good article (which published), and titled it:

How to Effectively Teach Young Children Math 

Here is her article.

For a great number of students, mathematics creates an overload of anxiety. And many children dismiss math as a subject that they will have no use for in the “real world”. As an educator, you know that it is important for your students to develop strong math skills, but you likely find it difficult to motivate your students to learn math. The tips that follow will lighten the load for teachers as they help their students tackle the math monster and overcome their apprehension of math in general.

Stay Positive

Are you anxious about your own math skills? Are you worried that you cannot present math lessons properly? Many people are, and a lot of professionals were poor students in math themselves. Now that you are teaching math, you must keep a positive outlook on the subject as children can pick up on your emotions and learn your secret. Remember that is your students give up on their ability to do math now, they may miss some of the rudimentary basic skills that they need to do more advanced math later on in life.

Ensure Understanding

Understanding math is challenging, and this is especially true for young children. If a student is struggling with a homework assignment or worksheet, ask the student to explain the assignment to you, or to explain how to complete a particular problem; this helps you to gauge their understanding on particular concepts so that you will know how to better help them.

Exploring Math in Daily Life

It is easy for you to incorporate math into your daily life, and helping children understand how math affects their daily routines also helps to make them understand why math is necessary. For instance, create a math problem for subtraction by having the students to count the minutes left on your classroom clock before lunch, or ask them to multiply the number of boys in the class by the number of girls. This can help to reinforce the necessity of math and how it can apply to the real life.

Make Math Fun

Kids learn more effectively when they are enjoying themselves, so making math fun is important. Create worksheets and games that will add a fun element to each math unit. Games can be played with flash cards that allow kids to use math skills they are currently learning, or you can create a “Jeopardy” type game where students compete against one another to solve problems. Computer games also provide effective means for teaching math skills.

Get Parents Involved

You will find that involving parents in the learning process and maintaining communication with parents about each student’s progress in math will help motivate the student to achieve. Identifying any math problems and working with them to make sure homework is completed will go a long way towards helping the student meet the goals that are set for their grade level. Don’t be surprised to find out that many parents are insecure in their own abilities to do math as well. These students may need extra classroom help to make up for the help they cannot receive at home.

About the Author

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Finding A Math Tutor

When it becomes apparent that your child needs some extra help with mathematics, there are certain things you should look for when considering the use of a tutor.

Michael Dunworth gives his advice on the subject in an Ezine Article titled: “Tips for Finding a Math Tutor for Your Child”

The best solution to help a child who is struggling with mathematics is to hire a private math tutor. If you are looking for a perfect math teacher for your child, you can let your child decide on this. You can hire different tutors for your child and let him choose who the most effective math instructor is. Apparently, tutoring agencies know the need for the child to find an effective teacher, which is why they are offering initial classes for students.

When it comes finding a good instructor, the teaching capabilities should not only be measured but also the attitude and interest of the instructor to teach the children. Apparently, it should be a mutual effort between the teacher and the student.

A fruitful education can be attained if the child and the instructor are working together.  If there is a good chemistry between the teacher and the student, the child can have a better understanding of math and get better grades. A good and professional instructor will make an effort and find innovative ways that will make the subject easier to understand.

One of the most common mistakes of parents is that they don’t take math subjects seriously while their children are struggling. They think that math only includes basic computation and not really necessary or should be given focus. However, the very foundation of math is very important and it is necessary for these children to have a strong foundation in mathematics while they are still young.

When looking for a good math tutor for your child, that person should be interested in finding innovative ways that will make math easier to understand by the student. The goal of tutoring is to help the child to understand the subject matter much better and be able to do well in school.

A math tutor should have enough patience to teach children. The tutor should be dedicated and committed to imparting knowledge to the child who is struggling in mathematics. A teacher should put his heart in teaching because if not, then he can’t be regarded as an effective teacher.

Hire an effective maths tutor now and let your child excel academically!

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