Month: August 2011

Math Learning Fun

If you think that learning math is boring, so may your child! To help them overcome this feeling, you need to interject some fun into their learning process!

The article below will help you to do just that.


Making Math Fun and Watch a Child Succeed!

Attention Teachers, Homeschoolers and parents who want to enrich a child’s life! As a
mother of a grown child, and a toddler, I know how important it is to make learning fun
for kids; they don’t care if they are learning something important for their life success,
they just want to PLAY! It is our job to make learning fun. Getting a child to pay
attention is a tough job; this article is to help you do just that; and teach your child
the math skills they need to achieve success in school and life.

I’ve found a great product that is affordable, and makes math exciting and easy to learn.
It will save YOU time, money and your sanity!

“Making Math More Fun Printable Math Games” is a series of ebooks that you can download and
print over and over. The books are loaded with games that motivate, interest and, best
of all, they will find it FUN! E-Books are great, because all you do is download and you
are ready to go! You don’t have to order and wait (and pay for) shipping and handling.


Once they are on your computer, you can print the games over and over, as much or as
little as you need!

This is not an expensive product at all – the cost is only $27.97 and includes over
450 games and proven strategies to develop kid’s thinking skills, and creating a positive

There are four books which contain games that teach addition, subtraction, multiplication,
decimals, time, place value, strategy, counting, percentages and more number games than
you’ll ever need. This product will teach these skills to kids from pre-school through
elementary school levels. For use at home, OR school. Use them for one kid, or a whole
classroom! The books are logically laid out, making it easy to find the skill you are

Here’s another terrific part – not only do you receive the four books for only $27.97,
they are 100% Money Back Guaranteed for 60 days! You can try it out for TWO MONTHS, and
if you don’t think it delivers like I believe it does, you can get your investment back!


Plus, there are 4 more bonus books you get with your order! You also get “Wiggle Wiggle
Wink Wink Classroom Games (172 games here alone), Robot Reader Reading Games, Print and
Play Games Masters and Make Your Own Board Games!

These books are packed with fun activities and games that make it exciting and easy to
learn. You’ll never run out of new activities or ideas. There are games and activities
that address all different ability levels and styles. There are tips to easily reinforce
basic skills for struggling children. These entertaining and challenging ideas are what
you need to make and keep kids motivated and interested. They will learn and improve
their math skills more quickly and easily when they have FUN!

When my older child was a preschooler, I took it upon myself to help her learn; teachers
are wonderful, but they have 30 plus kids, and it is our responsibility as parents to
give them the one-on-one learning experience they want and need. My child was classified
by the local school board as Highly Gifted in the fourth grade! She earned a full-tuition
scholarship to our state university, and after two semesters, was at a Junior status.
I truly believe she would not be where she is at academically today if she did not get the
additional and individual learning she had as a young child. All the statistics prove that
learning is easiest at the earliest part of life. I am now doing it again with my toddler.
I don’t expect her to become a “rocket scientist”, but I DO want to give her
everything in my power to help her succeed in her adulthood.

I believe everyone wants their children, or the children they educate, to be happy and
successful in life. That’s why I want to pass on this opportunity. Click on the link
below and decide for yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Just click and get info only; decide from there –


This looks like an interesting way to help your child have fun while learning math. Check it out, but please be advised that the link above IS an affiliate link for the original publisher of the article.

Have a great (and fun) day!


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New Ways To Learn Math – The Intervention Program

 While tutoring is a very good way to help a child learn math, there are other methods which have shown to be successful. The article below by Jim Wheelan is just one of these ways. It’s a quick read – so let me know what you think of this? 


Math Intervention Programs Correct Problems Before They Become Catastrophes



When he struggles with a subject early in school, your child probably will continue struggling with it throughout life. Fortunately, math intervention programs that are targeted toward early elementary students quickly help overcome those roadblocks to learning.

Math Intervention Programs

Math intervention programs aid both the frustrated student and the teacher with tailored instruction in the concepts and application of mathematical theories, rules and processes. The computer-aided learning process combines teaching basic computer skills with introduction and reinforcement of mathematics.

Most math intervention programs include three tiers of learning: Each tier of Response to Intervention (RTI) presents more intensive instruction in alternate ways for which even the most dedicated teacher can rarely find time.

Tier I is the base or benchmark level for students who have only occasional or temporary difficulties absorbing math concepts.

Tier II comprises a strategic level of additional instruction for students who are yet unable to meet their grade-level standards and need more systematic and tightly focused instruction.

Tier III encompasses the most intensive level of instruction. Students who need Tier III RTI tutoring are at risk of failing math: They have underperformed repeatedly and consistently, and they require in-depth, specialized instruction.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Your child is never anchored to a math RTI program and left to sink or swim. The teacher receives constant reports on your child’s progress and can assist your child with specific exercises or rephrase and reintroduce specific items or areas needing attention beyond the program parameters. The elementary teacher can access and use redesigned lesson plans that highlight and reinforce topics and processes that enhance the learning process.

Using a Computer versus a Live Tutor

The concepts behind computerized intervention programs for reading and math, for example, are very similar to live tutoring programs. Your child is evaluated on his strengths and weaknesses and is given tailored learning to reinforce the weak areas identified.

Your child’s teacher is more actively involved with the learning process with a computerized RTI. She can offer support, instruction and guidance in real time. Your child progresses quickly in a familiar and comfortable learning environment.


Today’s working world is highly competitive. Not only are more jobs available in the high-technology fields than even a decade ago, but job trends lean heavily toward even more increases in the future. Providing your child a solid foundation in mathematics and other areas can only improve the child’s future possibilities. Help your child learn now when his mind is easy to teach. Enroll him in extra English courses or utilize math intervention strategies as soon as possible when continued difficulties arise. Clear the learning path of obstacles while the problems are easily corrected and help pave the way to a more secure future.

Jim Wheelin writes about many different math intervention programs and other educational topics for parents and kids. Jim is always keeping an eye out for the latest in math technology, games and other educational resources including .


So what do you think? Is this better than having a personal tutor?




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Reforming The Way Children Learn Math

Just when you thought that there couldn’t be anything new in math!

Check out what they’re doing in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Math Reform in Schools



In Charlotte, North Carolina, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District has made drastic changes to their math curriculum. When their test scores were not improving my much more than three percent, the school district decided to implement Texas Instruments’’ MathForward program to help students with their math skills. The MathForward program helps to increase algebra readiness and math performance in middle school students.

The program is a comprehensive approach to math reform, it increases the instructional time, which allows students to memorize formulas better and study longer. This helps students a lot because with a subject like math, because math is a subject that requires a lot of study time and class time to fully understand the concepts of math. If a student merely memorizes the math formulas in a one-hour classroom setting, they wont retain the information and that’s what this program is trying to do, They want students to retain information for long time use, instead of memorizing just for the upcoming test. Schools want students to do well on their standardized tests, which will help improve the schools ratings. By helping this students retain the math knowledge, not only will it help Improve the schools ratings, but it will help the students to be better prepared for math courses they take in high school and college down the road.


Another way that MathForward helps increase students test score is by increasing the teacher’s knowledge in the subject. They create special math trainings for teachers on new ways to teach math and new math lessons that will be beneficial to teaching the students. This is good because it is always important to have on going trainings in teachers subjects because it keeps them from becoming monotonous in their lesson plans and keeps things fresh for their students. By giving the teachers continuous coaching and classes that helps develop their effective teaching skills, students will benefit and feel more confident in their knowledge of the math subject, since the teachers that are teaching it are extremely knowledgeable on the subject.

They are also using technology to motivate the students by creating programs along with MathForward to assist students in math. The students will be more focused and interested when technology is introduced because it is something new and something that will help break up the monotonous subject of math. They will also have administrators and parents involved in backing up the MathForward program to help credit the program and give the students confidence that this program really can help them. By implementing this program into the schools their test scores rose an astounding thirty-five percent, opposed to the three percent from before with just the normal math program. In schools that didn’t implement the MathForward program, they will definitely be implementing it during the following year. They are also adding forty math teachers to the district to keep up with the high demand of math teacher that the program calls for. With statistics like that, there is no arguing that MathForward works!


Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. For more information please visit Charlotte Mecklenburg School Ratings and Public Schools


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Can Math Make Beautiful Designs?

Sure it can!

Check out the video below to see some beautiful patterns that numbers can be used to create!

Learn Fun Math Patterns on a Number Wheel: Threes & Sevens

This video uses a number line bent into a circle for the ones-digits. Skip Counting around the circle by Threes reveal a fancy ten pointed star. Right Brain Math Patterns reveal that when you skip count around the circle by Sevens, you reveal the same star. All the numbers that add up to ten the Ones and Nines, the Twos and Eights, the Threes and Sevens, and the Fours and Sixes create the same image on the number wheel. The video shows the factor set of the Threes and Sevens but concentrates on the Ones-digits. Right Brain Math uses the patterns that are built in, inherent, in numbers to create overviews as well as factor sets and individual multiplication facts. It is a fun, easy way to learn multiplication. Right Brain Maths book, EZ Times Table is considered revolutionary way to introduce Math by Curriculum Review magazine.



Very Cool – eh?



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