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Wealthy Families And Good Students

I found a very interesting article which I thought I’d share with you.

Wealthy Families Secret To Groom Brilliant Students

Let’s face it!!! Our children are judged based on their grade point average and their performance on standardized test such as ACT/ SAT. Our children’s high school and college admissions are based on those credentials. As parents, we invest money in sophisticated desktop/ laptop computers to give them access to the worldwide web. We establish home offices, libraries and structured areas to encourage daily homework and studying. We believe constant studying and attention to homework will groom our children to brilliant status and give them impeccable credentials. To a certain extent, we are correct. Homework and study skills lay the basic foundation for school success as high grade point averages flow from high test scores.

Memory skills and repetition is the key to high grade point averages; however, they are not the key to brilliance on standardized test. Standardized test, such as California Achievement Test (CAT), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), American College Test (ACT), assumes students are exposed to different cultures, climates, countries and experiences at least 10 times before reaching 10th grade. Students who perform the best on standardized test have exposure to diverse experiences. What better way to gain this exposure than a vacation to another city, state, country or continent!!!!!

Wealthy families have always known that trips, getaways and vacations are the secret to grooming brilliant students. Family vacations are an opportunity for students to apply all their classroom knowledge quickly. The average vacation is three to seven days. Some wealthy families are known to vacation up to 45 days on multiple continents. Nevertheless, most families are on a limited timeframe requiring them to make quick decisions regarding currency exchange, climate differences, navigation of city, etc.

These decisions while extremely practical require the use of mathematics, science, geography, social studies and reading. Unconsciously, students are immersed into lessons fueled by sheer excitement and curiosity.

Imagine how productive the lesson would become if a family vacation evolves around a classroom lesson. Children learn lessons at a faster pace. For example, a train trip to an Indian Reservation in Arizona/ New Mexico really solidifies a lesson on Native American History.

I know you are thinking “I don’t have the money for vacation as travel is too expensive.” Under normal circumstances and full prices, travel can be extremely expensive. However, prices drop substantially September 7 through November 20 as this time period is considered the travel slow season. Other lesser known slow seasons are December 1 through December 20, January 3 through February 1 and 2 weeks after Passover/Easter through May 20.

Combine slow season discounts with internet discounts, a family can experience the world at the fraction of cost of your holiday (Christmas, Hanukah, and Ramadan) gift fund. “I spent $1500 dollars for a 3 day vacation in Nassau, Bahamas. That cost included air travel to Miami for 3 people and a cruise to Bahamas. Since food was include, the trip was relatively inexpensive,“ states Ida Byrd-Hill, a parent of 7th grade twins, Kevin and Karen Hill who attend Duke Ellington Conservatory of Music and Art (a Detroit Public School). “My children learned about world colonization, but better yet they learned about opportunities as they met the Bahamian Governess, a woman of African descent. I am glad I was able to find that trip on the web. as Karen scored 96 percentile on the Social Studies portion of the California Achievement Test and Kevin scored 87 percentile on the Science portion of the California Achievement Test ” states Byrd-Hill.

Great deals can be found on the internet by booking at least 14 days or even 21 days in advance. There are also websites that specialize in last minute travel. Often these trips (air/ hotel combos) are for a weekend departing the same week you book the vacation or the next weekend. Since there are so many travel websites on the internet it pays to spend some time price comparing. There are websites, that allow individuals to surf many of the top websites and not so well known sites to compare vacation pricing.

If you want to groom your children into brilliant students, improve their grades and performance on standardized test, implement the secret wealthy families have known for generations – Take a Family Vacation.

Good Trip!!! Bon Voyage!!! Viaje Bueno!!! Arrivaderci!!! Viaggio Buono!!! Gut Tschus!!!

By: Ida Byrd-Hill

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 Ida B. Byrd-Hill is the President of Uplift Inc.and She was the President of The Harvard Group Wealth Management L.L.C. for 10 years. She has served as guest columnist for the Michigan Front Page for 2 years and a speaker for the Better Investing television show hosted by David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber.

Now I’m sure that we all can’t go on a vacation to reinforce each lesson our child learns, but it might prove a useful concept for your planning our next vacation!

What do you think? 


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Math Fun At Christmas

Here’s a timely article on helping students learm math at Christmas time. 

Christmas Math Activities

Christmas math activities are an ideal classroom treat during the time leading up to Christmas. However there are lots of Christmas math activities that are also ideal for home. These Christmas activities with a focus on math are an ideal way to make math practice fun and to get kids really enthusiastic about math.

 Try these Christmas math activities with the kids and you are sure to have them begging for more. 

Christmas Counting
This is a version of the counting game Buzz. For the Christmas version, you just need to replace the word ‘buzz’ with a Christmas word. You could use the word ‘Santa’ or the word ‘reindeer’ instead of ‘buzz’. To play the game, the children count around the group with each person taking a turn to say a number. When they get to the number 7, any multiple of 7 or any number containing a digit 7, they simply say ‘Santa’ instead of saying the number. If a player says the number instead of saying ‘Santa’ they are out. The counting will go like this, ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Santa, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, Santa.

The aim of the game is to count as far as possible with no one making a mistake or it can be played as an elimination game with the last person left in the game being the winner. It can also be played using a different number as the ‘Santa’ number. Try it with the number 5 for an easier version of the game or try it with 8 or 9 for a more difficult version.

Santa’s Sleigh
This Christmas math activity is ideal for practicing any basic math skills that you choose. You will need a picture of a sleigh and pictures of 8 reindeer for each player or team. The children can be involved in drawing the reindeer pictures and might like to name each reindeer also. The object of the game is to be the first player or team to add the 8 reindeer in front of Santa’s sleigh.

Two players or teams compete to be the first to answer the question. You could use basic addition facts for the game or more complex calculations involving decimal numbers or percentages. The first player to answer correctly wins a reindeer to add in front of their sleigh. The reindeer can be taped or pinned onto the sleigh. The first player or team with eight reindeer is the winner.

There are many, many different ways to give your math practice a Christmas flavor. Use the Christmas math activities above to make math more interesting but also consider some other educational Christmas activities. Try some Christmas word puzzles like a Christmas ‘Word Find’ or play a game of Christmas hangman with Christmas words. You could also try a game of Christmas bingo using Christmas words. Hope these ideas help to make Christmas more fun for the kids. Merry Christmas!


By: Terri Evans and found on Article Directory

Terri Evans is a teacher and parent who has created a set of Christmas printables. Visit to get your set of free printable Christmas games and activities. Click Here

I hope your Christmas and /or holidays are a great fun-filled time for both you and your students!

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