Month: March 2012

The Best Math Apps

In keeping with the technology theme from our last post, I was wondering what apps might be available for smart phones.

If your child is like mine, then I’m sure they ask you to play on your cell phone when driving somewhere, eating at a restaraunt or maybe just sitting at home. In order that they might not just play a game, I like to have apps that will help them learn while they play.

So I did a little research and found this article that I’d like to share with you. It’s titled “Best Math Apps” and was posted on the website. The quick blurb from the posting is this:

“Learning and practicing math is always more fun when it’s part of a game. We like these apps for how they use creative methods for teaching math concepts to elementary-age kids.”

Here’s the link to the article: Best Math Apps

Have you found any apps for your smart phone that you have downloaded and let your child play in order to help them learn math?

What is your favorite app for your child?

Take a minute please and share with us.

Thanks and have a great day!



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Using Technology To Learn Math

I really like technology! Most children I know also like technology. So it only makes sense that we parents and instructors should learn to use technology to help our children learn math, right?

As I was reading through some news lately, I found this article about how an East Brunswick school in Northern New Jersey is using technology (as well as some good old fashioned board games) to help students learn the different topics taught in school – one of them being math.

You can read the article here: Embracing Technology in the Classroom

At Mathnasium of Cherry Hill, we like to utilize many different approaches to help our students learn math. We’ve even had an event where the students got together and played “angry birds”!

So how about you? Do you use technology to help your children learn things?

If so, would you mind posting some of your ideas here for others to see?


Have a great day!

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Math Puzzles and Anxiety

Puzzles can be a great way to overcome your anxiety about math … or not!  Check out this article I read about sudoku and overcoming math anxieties.  What do you think? No more fears of learning math?  🙂


Math Puzzles And Conquering Anxiety
Ever tried the addictive number puzzle game that is a certified craze worldwide? Sudoku, or Su Doku, is a deceptively game of logic. The rules seem easy. There is a nine-by-nine grid composed of nine three-by-three boxes. Some numbers are already filled in to a few of the 81 squares. The goal is to fill in all the squares so that each row, column and box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once.
Sudoku has a fascinating history. “Su” means number in Japanese, and “Doku” refers to the single place on the puzzle board that each number can fit into. It also connotes someone who is single. Hence, one way to describe the game is “solitaire with numbers.”

Sometimes Sudoku is misspelled as “soduko” or “sudoko.” Although its name is Japanese, its origins are actually European and American. Unlike many games which spring from one culture and are then absorbed by others, Sudoku’s development represents the best in cross-cultural propagation.

Though this puzzle seems to be very enjoyable for the math savvy, there are still others who seem not to enjoy numbers that much. Generally, when we see numbers, we instantly think of math. Math and numbers which are difficult to avoid as they are everywhere. In fact, many people get nervous at the thought of studying or using math.

Mathematics as a subject is perceived to be difficult, obscure and are only meant for the supremely intelligent. It is almost as though it is normal that one is afraid of math or is no good at the subject. Often, this perception causes people to suffer from math anxiety. Anxiety is stress, tension, and strain on one’s body and mind. Anxiety can be broken down into two types: Somatic or the loss control of body. Some symptoms are sweaty palms, pain in neck or sick to the stomach. The other is Cognitive or loss of concentration. Its symptoms include negative self-talk, feelings of doubt, or mind wanders from test or tasks.

Many students might say that anxiety in class inhibits them or reduces their ability to perform well. In the case of mathematics, they would be correct. Psychological researches have somehow ascertained that math anxiety causes students of all levels to perform poorly in math.

For some students, trouble in math is driven by problems with language. These children may also experience difficulty with reading, writing, and speaking. In math, however, their language problem is confounded by the naturally difficult terminology, some of which, they only hear in math class. These students have an uncomfortable time understanding written or verbal directions or explanations, and find word problems especially hard to translate. A common difficulty also experienced by people with math problems is the inability to easily connect the abstract aspects of math with reality. Understanding what symbols represent in the physical world is important to how well and how easily a child will remember a concept.

Some key methods to conquering math anxiety center on not avoiding the problem. Just because they believe it’s tough, one will presume that it can not overcome the anxiety. Whereas in most cases, it is seen that this is a mind block and one could be really good at math if he put his or her mind into it. Thinking things like “I don’t have a Math mind” can lead nowhere. They are self-defeating games — games you play on oneself. If a student knows what these games are, the student might be able to see oneself playing and actually enjoying them like the Sudoku. The exact cause of math anxiety are not known, but those who overcome it will perform normally and eventually be puzzled no more.

By: Alberto D Martinez

Article Directory:

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Can You Do Second Grade Math?

In looking through the news, I found a funny article that I thought I’d share with you.

It’s about a mother who has trouble helping her second grade daughter with her math homework!

The article is called “Mom Fails Second Grade Everyday Math.”

Check it out here:

So what do you think? Can you pass second grade math?

Have a great day!



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