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Tips To Help Your Child Learn Math

Helping your child to learn math more easily is always something that I like to show parents. So it was with interest that I read this quick article. It is good and so I thought I’d share it with you all to see if maybe it could help you help your child learn math more easily! So here it is:

Top 5 Tips To Teach Math To Kids Effectively

Every parent is aware that math skills is essential for their children’s future. Math will assist in all aspects of life. If Math is educated in incorrect way, children could possibly get bored easily. Listed below are top 5 best tips to teach kids Math effectively.

1- Before teaching Math, be sure they are taught formal logic first. They should be able to think in a logical way using words and real-world situations before it can be applied to abstract concepts like numbers. Failing in this initial step causes kids hard to understand Math, and soon makes them hate Math. They should be taught on how to THINK first.

2- When thinking about the best ways to teach math to kids, age is an important element to consider first. Make sure your teaching module is appropriate for the kids’ age. Toddlers and preschoolers should learn the basic meaning of numbers, means to count things. Early elementary school should concentrate on arithmetic, understanding addition and multiplication tables for single digit numbers. Once they can master these, then move on to algebra, geometry, fractions, decimals, set theory, even calculus, and if possible, introduce the so-called advanced topics as early as possible. At the early stage of teaching advance Math, they just have to see it, they don’t have to understand it. The results will be seen later on, they will easily absorb and understand of topics when they are covered in grades 6-12.

3- Use something in which they can relate to. Try to make it simple yet fun. Also be practical to make them easy to understand. For example, to teach addition or subtraction, use countable food they used to eat. To teach division or fractions use cake.

4- Create fun and cool Math games for kids. Printable Math board games, card games, print and play game worksheets can be found on the internet.

5- Since Math needs a lot of recall skills, having a good memory will be a big advantage on our kids. Improve your kid’s memory by providing him/her number exercises on mental addition or multiplication, recalling dates for instance birthdays or anniversaries or dates for special occasions and making connections to other events that happened or will happen on a particular date. Working out your kid’s memory will truly be an asset at a later time when he has to memorize rules, formula, methods or procedures in resolving mathematical problems or equations.

Teaching Math to kids should always be fun, make sure your kids don’t feel stress when learning Math. Cool Math games for kids can make your kids enjoy learning Math.

By: Linda Claire

Article Directory:

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So these are good tips for helping your child learn math, right? Do you have any tips that you’d like to share with our readers? Please share them in the comments section below.

Thanks and have a great day!


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Learning Math Helps Us Daily

Who said that learning math is not really necessary? It certainly wasn’t me! So I did a search to find some information about why we need to learn math and found an interesting article by Cy Lack.

Check it out!

The Importance Of Math In Our Daily Life

Many of us rarely give math any credit. In fact we often look upon it with disdain. However, math plays an important role in holding our daily lives, everything from the food we eat to the work we do, math is involved everywhere! So, it is important to understand the importance of math in our daily life.

If you are one of those who hated math in school, appreciating the value of math in everyday life may prove to be difficult. You may feel that it’s a boring subject and wondered why we even need to study it because who cares about equations and trigonometry! Please carry on reading and you will find that math forms an integral part of our daily life.

Math in Daily Activities


When you cook, you need to measure the ingredients in terms of teaspoon, tablespoon, ounces, grams, kilograms, etc If you are preparing meals for many people, you will need to convert all the measurements accordingly. Messing up with the measurements can result in disastrous meals.

Grocery Shopping

I’m sure when you go grocery shopping you’ll check the price tags of each item before putting them into the cart. Imagine going to the counter and seeing a bill beyond your budget! How embarrassing! You also have to consider discounts. Meaning you need math to calculate the total amount you have to pay and the money saved.


People who are overweight need to be conscious of their calorie intake. Especially if they are on special weight loss diets, knowledge of math is needed to calculate the total amount of calories consumed in one day, one week and one month.


Here is where math can help prevent you from landing yourself and your family in soup! Just imagine, not knowing how much money you have and how much you are allowed to spend is a definite way of landing yourself in the lap of credit. Even if you do not pay the electricity bill, water bill or cable TV bills, one bill that you definitely cannot escape is the restaurant bill. Restaurants are places where your math knowledge becomes so useful.

Building Things

Math is vital in building anything from a piece of furniture to some major building project. Measurements act guidelines for building. Imagine trying to build a house or even a bed without measurements. It’s not possible at all!


Math is needed everywhere people work irrespective of the field of work you are employed in. Besides the business analysts, bank officials and financial accountants that need to be competent in math. We all require math to calculate our targets, salaries and most important of all, leave status!

Visiting a Foreign Country

When you go abroad for a holiday, it is important that you have knowledge of currency conversion, because only by converting it back into your currency will you know if something is expensive for your budget or not. But if you can’t convert currencies, you will never know if you were getting it cheaper.

As you can see it is important to teach the significance of math in our daily life to kids so that they will understand that learning math is important for their lives and is not a subject that they are being forced to learn. One good way is to ask them to write an essay about importance of math in our daily life to increase their awareness of the importance of math!
By: CY Lack
Article Directory:

CY Lack is an experienced educator who has been teaching English and Mathematics for more than 15 years. His mission in life is to try to improve the English and Mathematics standards of students in Singapore. He is currently working with a few private schools and tuition centres in Singapore. For more information, please visit his website at

So as Mr. Lack points out, you see that learning math is vitally important as we use it in almost every part of our lives! Right?  🙂

Have a great day!



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Is Math A Beautiful Thing?

Depending on who you talk with, math could be considered a beautiful thing! Remember that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”!

So while looking at mathematical formulas may not be beautiful to some folks, to others it is!

And for those of you who think math is a beautiful thing, I’d like to share a cute short video I found exp[ounding the beauty of math!

Hope you enjoy it.

beauty of mathematics

Have a great day!

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Help Your Child Learn Math

If your child has a hard time trying to learn math, you might consider using manipulatives. What are manipulatives you ask?

Well don’t let the term scare you. I found an article that will help explain them and also give you some examples of how to utilize them!

Check it out:

Three Easy Ways To Help With Elementary Math

Are you worried about giving adequate help with elementary math to your child? Has your child ever brought home math homework and you have no idea how to assist them? Students no longer learn math the way you and I learned math. They are now exploring, drawing, and developing their own strategies to solve a problem. This leaves many parents in the dark about how to help their child in math. In addition, some people just are not “math people” and therefore feel like they don’t know how to help their child. I am going to give you three easy ways to help with elementary math from home.

Help with Elementary Math Tip #1- One of the easiest ways for a child to learn math concepts is to use manipulatives. Manipulatives are items that your child can move around, group, take away from, add to, etc. These can be anything you have in your house (beans, skittles, grapes, etc.).Manipulatives help children who are struggling in math because they help to bring the problem to life. Your child will now be able to “act out” the story problem, which helps them better understand what they are supposed to do in order to work out the problem or equation.

When children use manipulatives they show the word problem using the manipulatives. For instance, if a child was dividing 72 by 9, he or she would count out 72 beans and then group them into groups of 9. He or she would then count how many groups they have to find their answer. To extend this activity, students can label what they are doing so they can connect the manipulatives with drawings or numbers.

Help with Elementary Math Tip #2- If you don’t have manipulatives at home or if they are completing their work in the car, before baseball practice, or anywhere that manipulatives are not available your child can draw pictures. It might seem too simple to be true, but I have had many experiences where a child was stuck on a problem until they drew a picture and visually saw the problem instead of simply reading it. Drawing pictures of the word problem or equation helps a child see exactly what they are going to do in the problem. They are also able to manipulate the items they are working with, which makes it more fun and meaningful to them.

Drawings work a lot like manipulatives, but students are now strictly using paper and pencil and drawings instead of physically manipulating items. To make this activity more meaningful, your child should label their drawing with numbers, skip counting, or however they are counting the objects in their picture. I always tell my students that anyone should be able to fully understand what they are doing just by looking at their work.

Help with Elementary Math Tip #3- When your child is stuck on a problem try making the numbers smaller. In many cases, children are overwhelmed with big numbers. They see large numbers and automatically think the problem is going to be difficult. Making the numbers smaller doesn’t change the concept, it just makes it easier for them to work through the problem and it gives them confidence that they can complete the problem. Once they can successfully answer the problem with smaller numbers have them try using the bigger numbers. Just remind them to do the same thing with the bigger numbers that they did with the smaller numbers.

Math is a difficult subject for many children. A lot of times they come home and you just don’t know how to help them. Some of the best ways you can help your child succeed in math is to let them use manipulatives, have them draw pictures, and to change the numbers in the problem. They can use one or all of these strategies on the same problem. Utilizing these three easy tips with your child will help with elementary math skills and get them started on the path towards excellence in math.

By: Bethann Baker

Article Directory:

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So I hope you have a better understanding of manipulatives now. And if you want extra help having your child learn math, please stop by and visit us an Mathnasium in Cherry Hill, NJ!

Have a great day!



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