Can Math Make Beautiful Designs?

Sure it can!

Check out the video below to see some beautiful patterns that numbers can be used to create!

Learn Fun Math Patterns on a Number Wheel: Threes & Sevens

This video uses a number line bent into a circle for the ones-digits. Skip Counting around the circle by Threes reveal a fancy ten pointed star. Right Brain Math Patterns reveal that when you skip count around the circle by Sevens, you reveal the same star. All the numbers that add up to ten the Ones and Nines, the Twos and Eights, the Threes and Sevens, and the Fours and Sixes create the same image on the number wheel. The video shows the factor set of the Threes and Sevens but concentrates on the Ones-digits. Right Brain Math uses the patterns that are built in, inherent, in numbers to create overviews as well as factor sets and individual multiplication facts. It is a fun, easy way to learn multiplication. Right Brain Maths book, EZ Times Table is considered revolutionary way to introduce Math by Curriculum Review magazine.



Very Cool – eh?



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