Can you solve it? Give your grey cells a party with the Sweet 16 puzzle

This 4×4 might run you off the road.

Hello guzzlers,

Todays challenge is a superb new type of puzzle called Sweet 16.

Place the numbers from 1 to 16 in the grid below so that they obey the horizontal and vertical equations.

The circles are odd numbers and the squares are even. Were given the 1 as a start. Now use basic arithmetic to fill in the rest. Its helpful to have a physical copy of the puzzle, so click here for a printable version.

Fill in the gaps. Click here for a printable version Illustration: Michael Polaski

Sweet 16 s a great mental challenge as it mixes both logic and arithmetic in a very satisfying way.

The puzzle is the result of a collaboration between the British crossword setter Dean Mayer, whose professional pseudonym is Anax, and the American computer wiz Michael Polaski. The first Sweet 16 book, with 150 puzzles, has just come out in the USA.

Sometimes I get complaints that my Monday Puzzles are too easy. You know who you are, and this next ones one for you. Again, the numbers from 1 to 16 are used once each, with circles odd and squares even. This time there is a greater than symbol too.

Fill in the gaps. Click here for a printable version Illustration: Mike Polaski

Ill be back with the answers – and another puzzle – at solution oclock, thats 5pm British Summer Time today.

Thanks to Michael Polaski and Schiffer Publishing.

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