Can you solve it? The EU interpreter puzzle

A Brexit brainteaser

Hello guzzlers,

Among the potential casualties of last months Brexit vote are the jobs of many British interpreters in Brussels.

In their honour, todays polyglot puzzle:

Fran French, Geraldine German, Dudley Dutch, Spike Spanish, Polly Polish and Ron Romanian are six British interpreters at the EU.

They each speak two European languages, as well as English, but none speaks the language indicated by their name.

No two interpreters speak the same two foreign languages and each of the six foreign languages is spoken by only two of them.

Spike speaks Dutch and German while his cousin speaks Dutch and Polish.

Fran and Dudley speak all the four languages not indicated by their names. Of the two languages that Dudley is fluent in, both of their namesakes speak French. No German speaker knows any Polish.

Which two languages does Ron speak?

Ill publish the answer at 5pm BST later today. No spoilers in the comments please.

I post a puzzle here on a Monday every two weeks. Todays puzzle is inspired by Hubert Phillips, who devised many puzzles like between the 1930s and 1960s.

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