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Can Math Make Beautiful Designs?

Sure it can!

Check out the video below to see some beautiful patterns that numbers can be used to create!

Learn Fun Math Patterns on a Number Wheel: Threes & Sevens

This video uses a number line bent into a circle for the ones-digits. Skip Counting around the circle by Threes reveal a fancy ten pointed star. Right Brain Math Patterns reveal that when you skip count around the circle by Sevens, you reveal the same star. All the numbers that add up to ten the Ones and Nines, the Twos and Eights, the Threes and Sevens, and the Fours and Sixes create the same image on the number wheel. The video shows the factor set of the Threes and Sevens but concentrates on the Ones-digits. Right Brain Math uses the patterns that are built in, inherent, in numbers to create overviews as well as factor sets and individual multiplication facts. It is a fun, easy way to learn multiplication. Right Brain Maths book, EZ Times Table is considered revolutionary way to introduce Math by Curriculum Review magazine.



Very Cool – eh?



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Math As Your Second Language

I read an article that discussed math in a completey different and unique way. The author is a younger lady named Dinah Jackson and she published the article at

She discusses thinking of math as another language – check out her article.

Math Is Beautiful

Is math created or is it discovered? Does math describe laws of nature or is it a tool? Why do so few people feel passionate about math while most people find it difficult and tedious?

To think ‘in math’ is probably the ultimate in abstract thinking, but the foundation of math is anything but abstract. Basically, the foundation of essential math lies in what we call division. Division is just another way of separating one object from another, or grouping similar objects together and separating them from dissimilar objects. And if you can do that, you can do many other operations like separating multiple groups of similar objects from others. In this sense math is highly practical and mundane. We use math in nearly every aspect of human life without even realizing it.

In my humble opinion, math is an intellectual reflection or ‘grasp’ of the cosmos around us. To me, there are many types of languages, and math is one of them. And math goes far beyond the slicing of the pie description above. Photons can be viewed as either particles or as waves and likewise math can describe either of these two conditions.

It is when math goes beyond particles that it truly becomes beautiful, but also for the majority of us to understand at all. Indeed, there are many mathematicians who can see the exquisite beauty of a perfectly harmonious mathematical function but at the same time have no idea how it applies to real things in our universe. And that’s also the fun part for two reasons. The first, which has so many quantum physicists excited these days, is that any function must surely be describing something in the universe and if that is unknown, it remains to be discovered. From that case, whole theories can be built around the evidence of the math alone. Secondly is the converse. Einstein admitted he was not much of a mathematician, but he was an extraordinarily keen observer. He needed math to explain his observations though, so while we get to the material phenomena of the conversion of mass to energy through math, Einstein went the opposite route.

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Very interesting idea! So are you ready to learn a new beatuiful language called math?  😉

If so, come visit me at Cherry Hill Mathnasium!

Have a great day!



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Is There Such A Thing As A Math Genius?

We all have our things that we’re good at right? What about math? Are you good at math? Could you sit down for 5 hours straight and recite each succeeding number of pi up into the 22,000 digit range – all from memory?

If your name was Daniel Tammet you could!

Check out this video of a true math genius!

Math Genius

Wow! Now that’s a true math genius!

Have a great day in math!



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The Beauty of Mathematics

Today I’d like to share a video I found on youtube.

It’s called the Beauty of Mathematics and shows how mathematical equations can be rendered by graphics on the computer.


Can’s see the video? Click here to go to Youtube to view it!

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