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Make Learning Math A Game

Children like to play games. Many adults also like to play games. So why not use this information to help your students, whatever their age, become better at learning math?

I was reading an interesting article about a local girl who has become the national champion for three years in a row at playing a math game called “First In Math”.

You can read the article here:

Philadelphia girl makes math a game – and excels

Considering that she is currently a sixth grader, it’s amazing to see the types of problems she’s able to solve.

Games can be fun and challenging and all the while, they help your child learn math more easily!

I hope you enjoyed the article and that it gave you some ideas on having your own math learner playing some good educational games.

Have a great day!


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Help Your Child Learn Math With Fun Games

I found this video for a free math game that you can let your children play to help them learn math while having fun.

Check it out and try it out:

TuxMath Tutorial – Free Math Games For Children TuxMath is also know as Tux of Math Command. It is a free program and can be downloaded at Or TuxMath runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Unix and Linux. There are updates that come regularly, so check back with the site often for the new program. Also, the program is open source with the code available for free download. So, all of the game programmers can take a look at the code and see how the game is programmed. There are two games in TuxMath the first is comet zap (missile command) and the other is Factoroids (Asteroids). The game play on comet zap is well done with good graphics, sound effects and music. Factoroids can be a bit frustrating at times because it can be hard to dodge the asteroids, type the answers and fire the laser without being destroyed. The Math Command Training Academy has levels broken down in a way that teachers can find a level that closely matches their existing math lesson plans.

What do you think? Looks like fun, right?

Hope your children enjoy this.

Have a great day!

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Math Games For Toddlers

While we don’t teach toddlers at Mathnasium, you can start your child on their journey towards loving math by providing games that reinforce the basic math concepts and skills.

I was looking around and found the video below talking about a unique set of computer games.

Check it out if you have toddlers at home or you teach them and want to help them learn math more easily.

I think you’ll like what you see!

PC Cool Math Games For Preschool & Much More!
For Purchasing:
The upgraded product can be purchased through the above link.
The Dolphy PC Personalized Educational Games Package includes 7 great games that refer to your child by his own name!
The games include a variety of levels and options. They´re suitable for children ages 2-4.

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Using Technology To Learn Math

I really like technology! Most children I know also like technology. So it only makes sense that we parents and instructors should learn to use technology to help our children learn math, right?

As I was reading through some news lately, I found this article about how an East Brunswick school in Northern New Jersey is using technology (as well as some good old fashioned board games) to help students learn the different topics taught in school – one of them being math.

You can read the article here: Embracing Technology in the Classroom

At Mathnasium of Cherry Hill, we like to utilize many different approaches to help our students learn math. We’ve even had an event where the students got together and played “angry birds”!

So how about you? Do you use technology to help your children learn things?

If so, would you mind posting some of your ideas here for others to see?


Have a great day!

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Computers Make Math Fun

We all know that children like playing on computers. Try combining their love of computers with some good math software to make their learning more fun for them.

Math Education Made Easy With Fun Math Software

Fun math software is a kind of software that is meant for imparting math education to children through fun ways that include interesting games and other engaging activities. The basic idea behind developing and using such helpful tools is that children find it easy to learn a subject as mathematics in an interactive manner as they respond well to such environments. Moreover, math software lets kids use the computer which they love to work on and thus they love learning math through math software.

Parents are finding this math software a very effective tool for their children as fun games help their children in learning math and also carrying out math research to learn more through interactive games. You can easily find different kinds of math software in the market for your kids and provide them with a tool that will provide them with math education without any kind of fear and that too in an enjoyable manner.

A majority of parents believe that fun math software presents some of the best ways of learning mathematics as it works like a personal math tutor. It makes use of various kinds of fun games and interesting activities to make sure that children show a keen interest in math research to learn more. It offers much better results as compared to traditional methods of teaching math in schools. In such methodologies, children are taught the subject by just providing the conceptual explanations only. There is no fun activity involved and thus such patterns fail to keep children interested in learning math. While on the other hand there are so many benefits of offering math education through a fun and interactive manner. Likewise advanced math software are also used in colleges and universities so that students can better visualize and understand the mathematics concepts. Also for young children, there is fun math software that can reduce the brainwork in solving a wide range of mathematical equations.

Education math software which is vigilantly designed by math teachers are developed with the sole aim of helping kids learn math by cultivating their interest in it. It is ensured that education is provided through fun games and other interesting activities that can hold children’s interest intact and they don’t feel fear from the subject of mathematics. The innovative games also educate children in the multi step problem solving approach, thus building a solid foundation in the subject of mathematics. A solid base in math is prerequisite and serves as a foundation of a bright career. So go ahead and give your child carefully chosen fun math software, teaching math through an interactive mode to get the best results.

Mind Research Institute is one such organization that offers a great deal of help to elementary and secondary students in learn mathematics through a varied range of math instructional software and systems. Their fun math software are highly beneficial in imparting math education to students. For more details you can visit their website at

For more information on fun math software and math education, please visit:


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