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Math Tutors Can Help Your Child

I was reading an article and thought I’d share it with you. Do you know someone like this?

Math Tutor– Hit A Home Run On Your Next Report Card



Jackie was a kid that excelled in just about everything. And, from the beginning of her school career no one would have ever suspected that she would need a math tutor. Why she was great at everything from spelling and reading to her favorite sport, softball; she was a super star. Excellent report cards and perfect grade point averages were all commonplace for Jackie as she made her way through elementary and middle school. Jackie always had a knack for picking up any subject with ease. Being a quick study throughout those younger years gave her great confidence to try just about anything. And when a subject gave her a bit of difficulty, Jackie just devoted more time and effort into her study.

But, as time when on the subjects became more challenging for her. The concepts became increasingly more complex and the curriculum much more rigorous, especially mathematics. And, most specifically trigonometry. When Jackie began high school her trouble with these sophisticated math concepts left her in the batter’ s box. This sudden trouble with mathematics threw with Jackie a curve ball. And, no amount of study could help her swing it. From the trigonometry ratios, to trigonometry equations to trigonometry intervals, Jackie was beginning to think she was going to strike out before the first trimester was up. 

But, Jackie’s parents still knew that she could make the grade. However, they did not feel that they could explain any of these concepts to her as they themselves had no understanding of them. But, they would do anything for their little girl. And so, since they noticed how much she was studying without making any headway on her own, they were starting to become concerned about how much time she was spending on trigonometry. So, they started looking for a math tutor to help her through these difficult concepts.

Jackie and her new math tutor met after school twice a week for two hours each session. And, like most math tutors, Jackie’s was college mathematics major with a great knowledge and understanding of all mathematics concepts. After a few weeks of meeting Jackie began to understand some of the concepts that were alluding her. Soon, she began to understand all the functions of trigonometry. And, after one trimester, her trigonometry grade went from a low C- to a promising B+. Of course, being the over achiever that she is, Jackie wanted to make a triple play in the form of an A+, but she was willing to keep working with her math tutor to make that happen. And, by the end of the year Jackie had all her bases covered and was doing so well that she was ready for calculus.


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Math Tutor In Cherry Hill NJ

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That said, the article which follows will give you a good idea of what to look for when you’re looking to hire a math tutor.

A good Math tutor

A math tutor specializes in tutoring math and normally uses different teaching techniques to suit the concerned child’s learning style and personality. A good math tutor should be able to focus on why the child is facing difficulties and then on how to deal with the problem at hand. This way a deep understanding is achieved and the right concepts taken note of.

Math is a subject that should be given special attention to make sure that your child’s career opportunities are not compromised. Recognizing that your child has difficulties in math early is the best way to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand. Although it is possible for a person to succeed in life without doing well in math, you will soon find out that opportunities are quite limited.

The biggest mistake most teachers make is teaching so that a child can be tested to pass. This in turn leaves lots of gaps and will require a tutor who promotes abstract thinking, thereby building a good foundation. This lies in the fact that math subject is naturally cumulative and therefore a child needs guidance and help before the desire to do better and the confidence is lost.

It is possible for a parent to tell that a child has difficulty when it comes to math as he clearly shows no enthusiasm towards it or has absolutely no confidence when doing his homework. Taking too long in assignment completion and a negative attitude are other signs to look out for in order to save your child early. A child may also feel overwhelmed and lack determination in completing class assignments. These signs are the early tell tale signs that your child needs the help of a good tutor.

Math subjects offered

There are various subjects involved in math and a good tutor should be in a position to manage dealing with all of them to make sure that he can help children from all grades and classes. By having this kind of deep knowledge of all the subjects, your child’s work will be made easier since he can deal with one tutor from one grade to the other.

Most of the subjects concentrated on include middle school topics which include geometry, measurements, graphing equation and algebra among many others. Elementary topics include measurements, money and coins, place values and rounding among many others. Others are high school geometry and high school topics involving geometry 1 and 2.

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Math Help Isn’t Always Expensive

Many people think that to get good help with learning math, you have to pay a lot of money!

But you know that’s not actually true. Lara Stiles wrote a nice article for and discusses this topic. See what she says:

Finding High School Geometry Help At A Reasonable Cost 

Geometry is not the easiest of math subjects to pick up and if you want your child to do well at school in this topic, then getting them to understand the basics, if they are finding this to be a difficult topic, is the way to start.

Of course not all parents like geometry themselves.

Which makes it a problem for you to then spend time with your child explaining the intricacies of geometry and trigonometry to them in a manner that they will understand.

If your partner likes math and was always good at it in his time at school then you have no worries. But if neither parent is the least bit comfortable in doing extra geometry in the evenings to make life easier for the youngsters then you’ll have to find some extra help with regard to math.

Looking online opens up a wealth of opportunities and actually there are very many free web resources available in the subject of math and covering many topics.

You are sure to find some geometry worksheets or geometry work proofs to help your child. It is just a simple matter of Googling the topic your child is stuck on and looking for “worksheets” or “sample questions” to get those worksheets with extra geometry questions and answers on them.

Another option is to subscribe to an online learning program, and although these are not free, they are not very expensive either. Have a look online and you will come across a few math online learning programs that might be just what you are looking for.

With subjects like geometry and trigonometry, which consist of lots of shapes, angles and volumes and areas of shapes, the subject is quite visual. Pupils need to be able to follow the visual concepts of these math topics if they are to successfully apply formulas and find out the answers to the problems that are asked.

When looking for a tutor, even if it is on online program, you need to see evidence of the ability to be able to explain these concepts clearly and coherently. If your child is going to be learning by watching online webinars, then check to see if there are lots of diagrams and illustrations which can help your child to learn better.

You can get trial lessons on many math teaching programs, so sign up and see if you can watch a free version before you commit to paying a regular subscription.

Lara Stiles writes for which is a website that offers tips for parents looking for high school geometry help for their kids. For trigonometry functions help take a look at Inspired2Learn to see what online learning programs exist to help your children with their math.

 And of course you know that not only online programs offer trial lessons, right?  Stop by Mathnasium of Cherry Hill where you can get a free week of math tutoring!

Have a great day!



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Do You Have To Be Smart To Learn Math?

Some people believe that “smart” people should learn math easily. Is that something you believe?

Well if you do, you need to read this article that I found on!

I Know My Child Is Smart, So Why Can’t He Learn Math?
By Shirley Slick

The good news and short answer to the question: He can learn math! What needs to happen to make your child successful depends on the age of your child and the time and effort you and your child are willing to invest.

This pattern of children, who are successful in other areas, struggling with math is very common. And, unfortunately, it seems that there is not much being done to change this pattern. There is promise for the future in some relatively new brain research that has shown us that babies are actually born with an innate number sense just as they are born with an innate language sense. In addition, we have learned that the critical years for laying the foundation for logic and math success is ages 1 to 4. This runs contrary to what has historically happened with the education of our children. What has always been assumed is that parents of pre-school aged children would actually take on the task of helping their children with learning to walk, talk, develop language, and lay the foundation for reading and writing. At the same time, the child is receiving almost constant encouragement and reinforcement with the associated development of positive self-concept. Both parent and child just know the ability to learn is in place.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in mathematics. Until this new research, which is still unknown by most people, the assumption was that young children were not capable of learning mathematics; so parents did little more than introducing counting. And no one has ever expected any more. The result is that children are not getting the pre-school foundation and confidence that is necessary for future success in math. When these children enter school, they are quickly overwhelmed with the amount of new material presented with absolutely no foundation on which to build. The pace of new material increases as children move through school. Since they have no ingrained confidence in their own ability to learn they lack the persistence to keep trying for success. By the time these children reach high school and Algebra, the 50% failure rate becomes understandable–not acceptable–but understandable.

So what do we need to do for your child? Unfortunately, once your child is in school, that critical period of ages 1 to 4 has already been missed. This doesn’t mean things are hopeless. It just means that it will take more effort to overcome the weaknesses. My recommendations need to all be happening at the same time. First, you need to hire a tutor who specializes in assessment and skill repair. As the parent, you need to discuss with the entire family unit–aunts, uncles, grandparents–all the people who worked so diligently during the pre-school years to reinforce all of your child’s accomplishments with language to continue doing the same thing with math. Everyone in the family unit needs to be constantly reinforcing every success with math and also stressing the importance of mathematics to the child’s future. School, education, and mathematics all need to be talked about in positive terms. This is often the most difficult thing to do because so many adults had bad experiences with math for exactly the same reasons. We need to break the cycle. If your feelings about math are negative, then you will need to practice some positive talk.

It is appropriate to explain to your child about the new research into when the mathematics foundation should be started, stressing that you were a victim of this lack of information as well. But constantly stress to your child that you know that he/she is capable of learning. With a tutor working on skill repair and confidence building as well as family members showing an interest in your child’s success and stressing your child’s ability to learn, you should start seeing a turn to the positive very soon. The younger the child, the quicker this will happen. If your child is in high school, a turn around will take much longer but it is possible. The key really is your confidence in your child’s ability to learn. Frequently remind your child about the difficulty of learning to walk and talk and read and write. Your child mastered these, so learning anything really is possible. I hope it goes without saying that you must always be reinforcing your child’s accomplishments and never be critical of your child or punish results.

If your child is struggling with math when other subjects have not been problematic, then you really can turn things around pretty quickly. But it is important to start immediately. Include your child in every discussion and interviewing tutors. Make sure they understand that these efforts are to make their future better. Older kids sometimes resent this as intrusion and won’t cooperate. If your child is not cooperative, then you will be wasting your money. You may need to work on confidence building before you can work on skill repair. You cannot force an older child to want to learn. All you can do is your best. For older kids keep stressing that success is possible if your child chooses to succeed; and that you will help in every way you can.

Shirley Slick, “The Slick Tips Lady,” is a retired high school math teacher and tutor with degrees in Mathematics and Psychology and additional training in brain-based learning/teaching. Her goals: (1) to help parents help their children with math, (2) to help eliminate the horrendous Algebra failure rate, and (3) to inform the general public about problematic issues related to the field of education. For your free copy of “10 Slick Tips for Improving Your Child’s Study Habits,” visit her website at

So there you have it – just because you and/or your child are considered smart does not necessarily mean that you will learn math easily.

However, a little persistence and the correct steps will help to ensure that math is successfully learned.



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Finding A Math Tutor

When it becomes apparent that your child needs some extra help with mathematics, there are certain things you should look for when considering the use of a tutor.

Michael Dunworth gives his advice on the subject in an Ezine Article titled: “Tips for Finding a Math Tutor for Your Child”

The best solution to help a child who is struggling with mathematics is to hire a private math tutor. If you are looking for a perfect math teacher for your child, you can let your child decide on this. You can hire different tutors for your child and let him choose who the most effective math instructor is. Apparently, tutoring agencies know the need for the child to find an effective teacher, which is why they are offering initial classes for students.

When it comes finding a good instructor, the teaching capabilities should not only be measured but also the attitude and interest of the instructor to teach the children. Apparently, it should be a mutual effort between the teacher and the student.

A fruitful education can be attained if the child and the instructor are working together.  If there is a good chemistry between the teacher and the student, the child can have a better understanding of math and get better grades. A good and professional instructor will make an effort and find innovative ways that will make the subject easier to understand.

One of the most common mistakes of parents is that they don’t take math subjects seriously while their children are struggling. They think that math only includes basic computation and not really necessary or should be given focus. However, the very foundation of math is very important and it is necessary for these children to have a strong foundation in mathematics while they are still young.

When looking for a good math tutor for your child, that person should be interested in finding innovative ways that will make math easier to understand by the student. The goal of tutoring is to help the child to understand the subject matter much better and be able to do well in school.

A math tutor should have enough patience to teach children. The tutor should be dedicated and committed to imparting knowledge to the child who is struggling in mathematics. A teacher should put his heart in teaching because if not, then he can’t be regarded as an effective teacher.

Hire an effective maths tutor now and let your child excel academically!

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