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Math Is Better Than Logic!

I read an interesting article about math and logic for the NCAA championship game yesterday. And knowing that U-Conn beat Kentucky last night for the championship just proves the point that you really should trust math over logic!

Read the article here:

Logic Not Math Dictates Kentucky Will Beat UConn For NCAA Title

So as you can see, the author of that article was soooooo wrong!  😉

Math always beats logic, right?

Have a great day!

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March Madness Math!

Every year March Madness comes and some people aren’t even sure what that means. If you fit into this category, let me explain quickly.

Every March the college Basketball teams – 68 of the best – compete against each other to see who will be the best in the nation. It’s a win or go home elimination and lots of people like to pick who they think will win.

So with that in mind, of course you have to consider the mathematics involved in the likelihood of one certain team winning. Most people like to pick the “brackets” which means that they choose the winners from the beginning all the way through to the final winner. If you are successful in this, you could win a billion dollars!!!

Check out this recent article from the New York Times:

Busting the Brackets! Mathematics and the N.C.A.A. Tournament

Be sure to watch the video of the young little ladies making their picks, it’s really cute.

So now that you know the prize, aren’t you ready to help yourself and your child learn math?  😉

Have a great day.

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