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More Ways To Have Fun While Learning Math

If you can find a way to bring fun to learning math, half of the battle is over. I’ve tried many different ideas and have looked at different resources to help children have fun while they learn math. So I wanted to share a good article that I thought might help YOU help your child have fun while learning math

5 Simple Ways To Make Math Fun For Kids

1. Flash cards

Flash Cards are set of cards bearing information, on either one or both sides, and can be used effectively in classrooms or at home. Learning math through flash cards is a lot of fun, because of –

Simplicity – The simplicity of math flash cards has proved it to be one of the most effective ways of learning math facts.

Portability- Be it travelling, or waiting for school bus, or at doctor’s clinic, flash cards can be taken everywhere. It helps kids to utilize their spare time efficiently.

Motivation and Challenge – Flash Cards are a lot of fun. Parents and teachers, disguise study time as play time, by setting up flash card competitions and motivating them with rewards.

For e.g. Numbers Flash Card by Playskool

2. Puzzles

A puzzle is a problem that tests the ingenuity of the solver. It’s observed that kids, who start solving puzzles between 2 to 4, develop better ability to understand problems involving physical spaces, shapes, or forms.

Kids, who enjoy solving these puzzles, develop analytical skills and hence bear a positive attitude towards learning math skills.

They no longer fear math or shows resonance towards math practice. Puzzles teach them to be creative and persistent.

For e.g. Eeboo puzzles on numbers

3. Games

We all know that kids enjoy playing games and our experience tells us that Math is always more fun when it’s a game.

Benefits of Using Games

No resistance – kids freely choose to participate and enjoy playing

Increased learning – games provide increased interaction between children, opportunities to test intuitive ideas and problem solving strategies

Keeps challenging – Games can allow children to operate at different levels of thinking and motivates them to learn advanced concepts too.

For e.g. interesting math games by ThinkFun

4. Online learning resources (Websites)

Availability of plethora of content at a click encourages kids to adopt online learning. Some of the attractive features of online learning are:

Interactive Content – encourage involvement of kids.

Colourful Visualization – rich pictorial content makes it fun for kids.

24X7 Access – Increases study time as kids can always access the content online, anytime.

Monitor performance – Parents can access comprehensive reports on their child’s progress. This gives parents an important feedback on their kid’s progress.

For e.g. Cool Math, Splash Math and for more options go through with these Google organic search results

5. Apps

There apps are not only fun but are educational and can actually benefit the kids’ math learning.

Interactivity – Because apps are interactive, they are much preferred to any passive activity

Improves hand-eye coordination – Several math apps involve tracing lines, shapes and numbers or involve games that challenge kids’ hand-eye coordination, all important skills for healthy development.

Apps are portable – Road trips or long haul flights provide perfect opportunity to whip out smartphone or tablet to little minds busy and entertained with educational math lessons.

For e.g. Moose Math

Gabhan Reed has been an educator for more than 10 years, and enjoys writing on topics related to parenting and early childhood education. Academically, he holds a MA (psychology) combined with PG diploma in Business Management.

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So you now have another resource for helping you to help your child learn math. Hope this is helpful for you.

Have a great day!


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Help Your Child Learn Math And Have Fun

So you’d like to make learning math a little more fun for your child, so he doesn’t get the idea that math is hard, right? Many parents come to us and ask us how to make math more fun for their child. With this in mind, I looked around and found a recent article that I thought I’d share with you. So here it is:

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Child Have Fun While Learning Math

1. Daily Home Activities – Target counting and number skills with daily home chores. Ask them to count out forks to set the table, pour from a gallon of milk, equally divide the pizza slices with family members (basic fractions), etc.

2. Driving in Car – You can target basic arithmetic skills on the road. When driving with kids, talk about speed of safe driving, the distance traveled, the mileage the car gets per gallon of gas, and how long it will take to get home.

3. Cooking – Cooking is one of the most math-oriented tasks we do every day. You can hone their measurement of weights and volumes, and time skills with cooking. You can let your children help by asking them to measure exact quantities of the ingredients like- measure three-quarters of a cup of water, 2 cans of cherries. You can also let them be the timekeeper for cooking and making the answer questions like- how much time we should boil and many more.

4. Money – Expose your child to money in her early school years. Have them collect coins in a piggy bank, count them out regularly or when you go to the store, ask your children to determine how much change you will get in quarters and notes. This introduces the basics of numbers children with the help of money.

5. Carpentry with dad – Estimation and measurement of length can be targeted here. House repair work, building new furniture at home gives better idea of measurement. For e.g. 3 feet long wood is required for window. Boys always love this.

6. Outdoor sports games – Rules and scoring of the games like basketball, baseball helps kids understand numbers while they are involved in enjoying the sport.

7. Posters – Post a chart of math facts in your child’s room. Make the posters fun. Times tables can be your target for this activity.

8. Time – Have your child use a watch to tell time. Ask them on spot time, difference between two times and give rewards to motivate them to get it right.

9. Games – From flash cards for learning basic math facts to board games. Games are always the best ways to kids getting involved with numbers from childhood.

10. Online – fun math practice web programs can also reinforce math skills, from arithmetic to algebra. Their interactive interfaces make it easy and fun for kids to practice the math skills learned in school.

Gabhan Reed has been an educator for more than 10 years, and enjoys writing on topics related to parenting and early childhood education. Academically, he holds a MA ( psychology ) combined with PG diploma in Business Management.

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So there you have it! Ten nice and easy ways to make it more fun for your child to learn math! Hope you found this helpful.


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Learning Math Made Fun

There are many different ways that math can be made fun and learning how to do this isn’t necessarily all that hard.

Here’s an article that will give you some ideas that you can take and run with – literally!  🙂

Here it is for your reading enjoyment:

Making Math Fun For Kids

As adults, we use math for everything. Buying gas, figuring out a budget, cooking, painting a room. In pretty much everything we do, we use some form of math.

As children, math can be simple and come easy or it can be extremely frustrating. Therefore, start young and make math fun and a part of their everyday life. When children see math as useful knowledge, they will be more likely to embrace the challenges as the situations arise.

Math is all around your house. It is in the everyday duties you perform and also in the creative activities you offer your family. You can easily make math an everyday activity for your children without any additional requirements of you, or, you can get creative. Either way, you can make math fun for your kids.

Many websites offer printable math activities. Used as a quiet time activity, children enjoy sitting down and tracing, counting, seeking or analyzing the colorful worksheets offered. These worksheets are designed to make math fun for kids. Why re-invent the wheel?

If you are in the mood to be creative, your options are limitless but truly, very little prep time is needed. Depending of course on the age of your child, some easy math games for kids are:

• Give your child cotton balls. Offer them a plastic jar to fill up. Once it is full, everyone can guess how many are in the jar. Your child can dump them out, count them and see who was closest.
• Set your child on a washable floor. With a pan of water, a big spoon and a jar, let them fill it up, counting the spoonfuls as they go.
• Save sheets of paper that you intend to recycle. Let your child wad it up and throw it in recycle bin. If they hit the target, they get 3 points. If they miss, take away 2 points.
• Have they earned a treat? Who can get the most bites out of the treat?

When you are overburdened with your workload, triple dip! Do your work, get help from the kids and make math games for kids to play.

• Do you need to cook or bake something? Show your child how to do the measuring.
• In need of a simple home repair? Ask your child to get you what you need and how many you need.
• Vacuuming? Ask your child to count how many swipes it takes to get all the way across the room. They can either watch you or do the vacuuming themselves.
• Time to pick up clutter? How many things are misplaced? The person who finds the most gets to get out of doing dishes.

See, math made fun!

There are so many math games for kids. Some may require you to search for them on the internet, others may just be a necessity to help getting a job done and others can simply be creative and fun. With any case, you have helped create games for kids to play while they learned.

Pretty smart of you!

By: Chris Lowrey

Article Directory:

Chris Lowrey Author/Editor of Family Time Charm A truly unique family magazine. Family Time Charm is designed for the entire family. For more parenting articles, fun games for kids and educational activities for all, visit:

So there you have your prescription for having fun with mathematics. Hope you have some fun with it!

Have a great day!

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Make It Easy For Your Child To Learn Math

You can help your child learn math and even make it easier for them if you use the right tools.

The article below will give you some suggestions on how to do this. Check it out and see if it helps you with your child.

Math is a very important subject for everyone to master. Mathematics is used in every area of life – in the home, on the job, and even in recreation.

The problem is that some people just don’t understand the concepts. This can be caused by different factors. Sometimes a child in school does not grasp the basic functions because of attention or classroom problems. This causes them to experience problems as each year new and more advanced tasks are added to their work.

Another thing that causes problems in math is that some people just aren’t as good at it as others. But for your child’s sake, you should take every measure you can find to improve their math skills. It will help them in the future to be able to function on the job and in the home.

Make Math Enjoyable

Math is learned through repetition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it. You can help your child become better at math by spending a few minutes a day working with them. Spending time with your child can strengthen your relationship and give you quality time together as well as help them academically.

There are software programs for the child to use themselves or worksheets to use for one-on-one tutoring. You can find programs that help tutor in the basics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

After the basic functions have been mastered, you can find programs to help with more advanced operations. These topics would include decimals, fractions, percents, ratio, rounding, prime numbers, geometry and more. With exercises, tips and strategies, your child’s confidence and performance will grow.

Use a Variety of Math Exercises

Some tuition programs include math quizzes, puzzles, and challenges to develop mental sharpness. Presenting math topics in challenging and creative ways makes it more interesting and helps the child not to be discouraged.

You can enrich your child’s learning and help him advance at his own pace so he masters each subject. There are courses offered online that will grade and give advice as your child works through their program. You will find software programs set up as games that guide a child through different mathematical tasks. There are online sites that teach math through sports and other subjects that are interesting to children and teens.

Begin Working Now

Before you decide what software or worksheets to order, you can have your child take an online evaluation test. This will show you what their weaknesses and strengths are in math. Then you will know what areas to concentrate on to effectively improve their math skills.

Don’t delay in helping your children learn math. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for them to catch up on what they missed. Have a positive attitude and patience to help them enjoy their math work. Find a good program that is tailored to their needs. Then be consistent in working with them or encouraging them to work. You will be pleased at the good results, and your child will reap the benefits from your help for the rest of their life.

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web. Learn more about Improve Your Child’s Math Skills or Majon’s Education directory.

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While these suggestions are very basic in nature, with a little imagination and looking back at some of our other posts, you can find many resources to help your child learn math while having fun doing it!

Have a great day!

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Make Learning Math Fun For Your Child

Making math a fun subject for your child is always a challenge. So while researching this topic, I came across an article (that was almost a commercial) for some games which would help your child learn math while having fun. I checked them out and thought I’d share the article with you as the games look pretty good.

Math is fun for some people but kids may not find it so. These young ones have favorite pastimes that they like doing which keeps them entertained. Why shouldn’t math also be entertaining? Modern day children spend most of their time watching movies and playing computer games.

Can you ignore math in a children’s life?

This is an absolute no! This is a very important part of any children’s life because it is applicable in all spheres of the kid’s life. They will definitely meet math at work, in school, in their social life… just name any situation and you will realize that it cannot be ignored.

Making math more fun for kids

Many cool math games are available to help you engage kids with fun ways to make the children interested in math. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to force your kid to stop doing math? What if you have at your disposal so many ways through which you can encourage your children to learn math without so much effort?

Have you ever imagined getting your kids results from school that show steady improvement in math grades? Amazing, right?

What do you have to do to achieve this?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to do anything to achieve this. Because all the work has been done for you. Cool math games for kids allow you to ignite the passion for math in your kids whether in first second or third grade or a home-schooler with quality math games. These games are available for you in form of books that can be downloaded on your computer as fast as five minutes.

Developed by professionals who have tested the games on children in different class environments having different abilities, the games give you new and effective approaches that have taken many years to refine. What more does these games offer you?

Get creative. Use your own ideas which you think is suitable for your child.

Get all the resources you need. Do not spend more cash on books and software because the package comes with all the ideas you can ever need.

All you need is a printer and paper and you are good to go. You don’t need to spend a lot of cash on expensive materials.

Create a classroom environment that your child will feel happy to be part of.

The games are interesting and captivating for any child regardless of their ability or learning style. Use number or word problems to grab your child’s attention.

As much as the games are entertaining, they are challenging enough to grab the kid’s attention and make them try again and again.

These games are applicable in different settings, whether in class or at home.

You will get the flexibility you need. Print only the copies you need and only what is relevant for your kid.

So, let your kid know how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, master fractions, time, counting, percentages and many more games by doing them practically and using user-friendly interfaces. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you will find this package easy to use and come up with unique ideas that will surely make math interesting for your kid!

Anna Perkins encourages you to get more information about how to make math more fun for your kids. Making math more fun for all kids should be a priority for parents and teachers.

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Article Source:
I hope you enjoyed the article.
Have a great day!


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Help Your Child Learn Math With Fun Games

I found this video for a free math game that you can let your children play to help them learn math while having fun.

Check it out and try it out:

TuxMath Tutorial – Free Math Games For Children TuxMath is also know as Tux of Math Command. It is a free program and can be downloaded at Or TuxMath runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Unix and Linux. There are updates that come regularly, so check back with the site often for the new program. Also, the program is open source with the code available for free download. So, all of the game programmers can take a look at the code and see how the game is programmed. There are two games in TuxMath the first is comet zap (missile command) and the other is Factoroids (Asteroids). The game play on comet zap is well done with good graphics, sound effects and music. Factoroids can be a bit frustrating at times because it can be hard to dodge the asteroids, type the answers and fire the laser without being destroyed. The Math Command Training Academy has levels broken down in a way that teachers can find a level that closely matches their existing math lesson plans.

What do you think? Looks like fun, right?

Hope your children enjoy this.

Have a great day!

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Fun Math Trick

I found this video and it didn’t seem to work for me.

It’s a short video so check it out and see if it works for you?


So did you get the image they said? I didn’t!

Have a great day!

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Can Learning Math Be Fun?

If you like something, you’ll usually be good at it, right?

So if you want to learn math, you’ll probably want to get a math teacher or tutor that likes math!

Check out this professor’s perspective on learning math and teaching math with fun. I think you’ll like it.

Making Math Fun
Math teachers need ”to know more than the text book,”says Alfred Posamentier, Professor Emeritus of City College. There are mathematical wonders beyond the curriculum that can make the subject come alive.

So what is your opinion? I think he’s right on!

Have a great day!

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Math Learning Fun

If you think that learning math is boring, so may your child! To help them overcome this feeling, you need to interject some fun into their learning process!

The article below will help you to do just that.


Making Math Fun and Watch a Child Succeed!

Attention Teachers, Homeschoolers and parents who want to enrich a child’s life! As a
mother of a grown child, and a toddler, I know how important it is to make learning fun
for kids; they don’t care if they are learning something important for their life success,
they just want to PLAY! It is our job to make learning fun. Getting a child to pay
attention is a tough job; this article is to help you do just that; and teach your child
the math skills they need to achieve success in school and life.

I’ve found a great product that is affordable, and makes math exciting and easy to learn.
It will save YOU time, money and your sanity!

“Making Math More Fun Printable Math Games” is a series of ebooks that you can download and
print over and over. The books are loaded with games that motivate, interest and, best
of all, they will find it FUN! E-Books are great, because all you do is download and you
are ready to go! You don’t have to order and wait (and pay for) shipping and handling.


Once they are on your computer, you can print the games over and over, as much or as
little as you need!

This is not an expensive product at all – the cost is only $27.97 and includes over
450 games and proven strategies to develop kid’s thinking skills, and creating a positive

There are four books which contain games that teach addition, subtraction, multiplication,
decimals, time, place value, strategy, counting, percentages and more number games than
you’ll ever need. This product will teach these skills to kids from pre-school through
elementary school levels. For use at home, OR school. Use them for one kid, or a whole
classroom! The books are logically laid out, making it easy to find the skill you are

Here’s another terrific part – not only do you receive the four books for only $27.97,
they are 100% Money Back Guaranteed for 60 days! You can try it out for TWO MONTHS, and
if you don’t think it delivers like I believe it does, you can get your investment back!


Plus, there are 4 more bonus books you get with your order! You also get “Wiggle Wiggle
Wink Wink Classroom Games (172 games here alone), Robot Reader Reading Games, Print and
Play Games Masters and Make Your Own Board Games!

These books are packed with fun activities and games that make it exciting and easy to
learn. You’ll never run out of new activities or ideas. There are games and activities
that address all different ability levels and styles. There are tips to easily reinforce
basic skills for struggling children. These entertaining and challenging ideas are what
you need to make and keep kids motivated and interested. They will learn and improve
their math skills more quickly and easily when they have FUN!

When my older child was a preschooler, I took it upon myself to help her learn; teachers
are wonderful, but they have 30 plus kids, and it is our responsibility as parents to
give them the one-on-one learning experience they want and need. My child was classified
by the local school board as Highly Gifted in the fourth grade! She earned a full-tuition
scholarship to our state university, and after two semesters, was at a Junior status.
I truly believe she would not be where she is at academically today if she did not get the
additional and individual learning she had as a young child. All the statistics prove that
learning is easiest at the earliest part of life. I am now doing it again with my toddler.
I don’t expect her to become a “rocket scientist”, but I DO want to give her
everything in my power to help her succeed in her adulthood.

I believe everyone wants their children, or the children they educate, to be happy and
successful in life. That’s why I want to pass on this opportunity. Click on the link
below and decide for yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Just click and get info only; decide from there –


This looks like an interesting way to help your child have fun while learning math. Check it out, but please be advised that the link above IS an affiliate link for the original publisher of the article.

Have a great (and fun) day!


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Computers Make Math Fun

We all know that children like playing on computers. Try combining their love of computers with some good math software to make their learning more fun for them.

Math Education Made Easy With Fun Math Software

Fun math software is a kind of software that is meant for imparting math education to children through fun ways that include interesting games and other engaging activities. The basic idea behind developing and using such helpful tools is that children find it easy to learn a subject as mathematics in an interactive manner as they respond well to such environments. Moreover, math software lets kids use the computer which they love to work on and thus they love learning math through math software.

Parents are finding this math software a very effective tool for their children as fun games help their children in learning math and also carrying out math research to learn more through interactive games. You can easily find different kinds of math software in the market for your kids and provide them with a tool that will provide them with math education without any kind of fear and that too in an enjoyable manner.

A majority of parents believe that fun math software presents some of the best ways of learning mathematics as it works like a personal math tutor. It makes use of various kinds of fun games and interesting activities to make sure that children show a keen interest in math research to learn more. It offers much better results as compared to traditional methods of teaching math in schools. In such methodologies, children are taught the subject by just providing the conceptual explanations only. There is no fun activity involved and thus such patterns fail to keep children interested in learning math. While on the other hand there are so many benefits of offering math education through a fun and interactive manner. Likewise advanced math software are also used in colleges and universities so that students can better visualize and understand the mathematics concepts. Also for young children, there is fun math software that can reduce the brainwork in solving a wide range of mathematical equations.

Education math software which is vigilantly designed by math teachers are developed with the sole aim of helping kids learn math by cultivating their interest in it. It is ensured that education is provided through fun games and other interesting activities that can hold children’s interest intact and they don’t feel fear from the subject of mathematics. The innovative games also educate children in the multi step problem solving approach, thus building a solid foundation in the subject of mathematics. A solid base in math is prerequisite and serves as a foundation of a bright career. So go ahead and give your child carefully chosen fun math software, teaching math through an interactive mode to get the best results.

Mind Research Institute is one such organization that offers a great deal of help to elementary and secondary students in learn mathematics through a varied range of math instructional software and systems. Their fun math software are highly beneficial in imparting math education to students. For more details you can visit their website at

For more information on fun math software and math education, please visit:


Did you like this article? Drop me a note below and let me know?



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