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Is Math Really Hard?

Many people feel that math is really hard to learn. Both children and adults seem to have this opinion.

So it was with amusement that I read or rather looked at this article called:

10 Photos That Definitively Prove Math Is Really, Really Hard

Now I have a disclaimer of sorts …. the third picture in the article deals with the quadratic formula. As such, you may agree with the article’s title!

But it’s not really that hard to understand the quadratic formula – they even give you a link to another article that explains what the quadratic formula is!

But the rest of the pictures are pretty self explanatory and I find them humorous.

What about you? Do you think these photos prove that math is really really hard?

Have a great day!

April Fools In The Math Class!

So everyone hates to get pranked on April Fools, right?

Well this Math teacher had a policy that if your cell phone rang in the classroom, you had to answer it on speaker-phone. The students used this policy to play an April fools joke on their teacher.

Check it out! – Oh and turn your volume down for the first second or two as it comes on loud!


I’m thinking the math teacher may change his policy, what do you think?  🙂

Have a great day!



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Square Roots and Negative Numbers

So who says math isn’t complex? And is learning math really a complex process?

The basic rule of multiplying 2 negative numbers yields a positive number makes it seem impossible to get a square root of a negative number, right?

Well here’s a funny video which will show you how to figure out the square root of a negative number.

Algebra 2 – Complex Numbers – part 1 of 3
Now… YAY MATH would like to introduce to you the imaginary number ” i ” ! Check out how we simplify expressions involving the square roots of negative numbers. YAY MATH! Visit Videos copyright (c) Yay Math


Very interesting, don’t you agree?

The concept is cool but remember, there is NO paper throwing or airplane flying at Mathnasium!  😉

Have a great day!




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Nonsensical Math!

Sometimes math just cannot be learned!

Though we try our hardest, videos like this will just confuse and confound the most brilliant of mathematicians!

Hope you enjoy this! 😉




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