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Can A Math Tutor Help?

As you probably already know, we here at Mathnasium of Cherry Hill provide a math tutoring service to help your child do better in their math classes. But quite often people will question as to whether a math tutor truly helps a child with their learning math.

So I’ve decided to share someone else’s article to give you a different perspective on the benefits of a math tutor!

Hope you enjoy it!

Math Tutor– Hit A Home Run On Your Next Report Card

Jackie was a kid that excelled in just about everything. And, from the beginning of her school career no one would have ever suspected that she would need a math tutor. Why she was great at everything from spelling and reading to her favorite sport, softball; she was a super star. Excellent report cards and perfect grade point averages were all commonplace for Jackie as she made her way through elementary and middle school. Jackie always had a knack for picking up any subject with ease. Being a quick study throughout those younger years gave her great confidence to try just about anything. And when a subject gave her a bit of difficulty, Jackie just devoted more time and effort into her study.

But, as time when on the subjects became more challenging for her. The concepts became increasingly more complex and the curriculum much more rigorous, especially mathematics. And, most specifically trigonometry. When Jackie began high school her trouble with these sophisticated math concepts left her in the batter’ s box. This sudden trouble with mathematics threw with Jackie a curve ball. And, no amount of study could help her swing it. From the trigonometry ratios, to trigonometry equations to trigonometry intervals, Jackie was beginning to think she was going to strike out before the first trimester was up.

But, Jackie’s parents still knew that she could make the grade. However, they did not feel that they could explain any of these concepts to her as they themselves had no understanding of them. But, they would do anything for their little girl. And so, since they noticed how much she was studying without making any headway on her own, they were starting to become concerned about how much time she was spending on trigonometry. So, they started looking for a math tutor to help her through these difficult concepts.

Jackie and her new math tutor met after school twice a week for two hours each session. And, like most math tutors, Jackie’s was college mathematics major with a great knowledge and understanding of all mathematics concepts. After a few weeks of meeting Jackie began to understand some of the concepts that were alluding her. Soon, she began to understand all the functions of trigonometry. And, after one trimester, her trigonometry grade went from a low C- to a promising B+. Of course, being the over achiever that she is, Jackie wanted to make a triple play in the form of an A+, but she was willing to keep working with her math tutor to make that happen. And, by the end of the year Jackie had all her bases covered and was doing so well that she was ready for calculus.

By: aardis

Before your child or student falls too far behind, finding a math tutor bellevue, Washinton residents can rely on can be essential in developing a fully rounded education. To find someone who can help, visit:


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Tutors Help A Child Learn Math

I read an interesting article on mathematics tutors and why they can be of help to certain students.

Depending on how your child’s brain is “wired”, a tutor may be just the ticket!

Check it out:

 Math Tutoring Can Work Wonders

Does your child need math tutoring? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Mathematics is one of those subjects that many people struggle with. While some people are whizzes with numerical equations, for others it seems like the instructors are speaking a foreign language. Every person’s brain is unique. For some individuals, geometry, algebra and calculus are a snap but they can’t write an essay for the life of them. For others, they may be able to write sonnets in their sleep, but still count out arithmetic problems on their fingers. For the numbers-are-challenging group, calculators may be as indispensable as eyeglasses. It’s not that these people are lacking intelligence; they are just wired differently. Charles Darwin, the science-brained genius who masterminded the theory of evolution, was one smart man. But did you know that this scientist extraordinaire couldn’t graduate from college because he couldn’t pass his English exams? It’s true. Some people have math brains and others have literary brains – rare exceptions have both. If your child falls into the non-math whiz category, relax! He or she just needs some math tutoring.

What A Bit Of Extra Help Can Do

With the help of a tutor, a struggling student of numbers can move ahead in his or her coursework. Mathematics is one of the subjects that must be fully understood at each and every stage. Why? Because the next level of learning will be built on the existing foundation of knowledge. If the foundation’s shaky, the next level will be even shakier. Once a person begins to feel lost in this subject matter, he or she may lose confidence and begin to loathe the class. If this is a high school student, he or she may start to skip school or hide in the bathroom to avoid the embarrassment of flunking. If the child is an elementary school student, he or she might start getting sick from all the stress. A tutor can repair the foundation of knowledge and give the struggler back his or her confidence.

Options In Tutoring

Because standardized education focuses on the group, individuals get left behind. Teachers often don’t have time to give extra TLC to the strugglers of the class. That’s where tutors come in. Parents can hire a one-on-one teacher for their child. This is a gift that keeps on giving, because once the child catches up, he or she can keep up with the classmates and regain confidence. Math tutoring venue options can be in a storefront, in a room at the school set aside for this purpose or in the child’s own home. Many services provide in-home tutors who are experts in calculus, geometry, or basic mathematics to bring these struggling students up to speed. There are many options to improve one’s base of knowledge in order to move solidly ahead in school.

No one is talented in every subject but with a bit of extra help, each can still excel at school. If mathematics is a person’s weak spot, arranging for math tutoring will turn his or her report card and confidence around.

By: Andrew Stratton

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 For the best name in atlanta math

If you feel that your child needs a tutor to help them learn math, please check us out at Mathnasium of Cherry Hill, NJ. We have an outstanding program and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reults you’ll see in a very short time period.

Have a great day!


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Does Your Child Need A Math Tutor?

I read the following article and thought you might be interested in checking it out. It’s a quick and dirty list of things to look for to help you recognize that your child may need a math tutor. read them over and see if any of them apply to your child/children. 

10 Signs That Your Child Needs A Math Tutor For Math Practice

You spend several hours every week to help your child with math problems, you try to motivate him, you have spoken to his teacher about his math homework but the result is still the same- poor math grades. Sounds familiar?
Don’t be in denial when your child’s math scores are not satisfactory and when he can’t stop getting distracted while working on his math homework problems. There are signs everywhere; you just need to be vigilant and take an appropriate action.
Look for these warning signs:
1) Poor grade in the report card (obviously a giveaway).
2) He spends 2-3 hours on his math homework every night.
3) His motivation level is very low and the very thought of going to school makes
him sad.
4) He works hard at home, but still gets Cs and Ds.
5) He has developed a nonchalant attitude toward school-related activities.
6) He does much better in other subjects such as science or reading.
7) His teacher complains regarding missed homework or declining grades.
8) He avoids conversations with you regarding math homework completion or
other school work when asked and starts acting out.
9) He complains that he has no friends at school.
10) He comes up with excuses to stay out of school, especially on math test or
homework due days.

By: Surabhi Mittal

Article Directory:


Surabhi Mittal works with the academic department of that provides one-on-one online math tutoring to children in grades 3-12. She can be reached at To learn more about online math tutoring or to get a 2-week free trial, please visit

I know this isn’t a comprehensive list, but it is a good starting point. And these things are sure signs that you should look into getting your child some tutoring help.

Oh, and did I mention that we here at Cherry Hill Mathnasium have a great track record when it comes to tutoring children and helping them improve their outlook as well as grades when it comes to math?  Ha Ha

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Does A Math Tutor Really Help?

In order to help some students learn math more easily, it’s a good idea to hire a math tutor. Here’s a nice article which explains why a student might need a math tutor and the benefits of having one.

When And How A Math Tutor Can Really Make A Difference

If you’re having trouble understanding pre-algebra, calculus, or anything in between, you could greatly benefit from a math tutor. For those who need to study up for a high school exam, the GRE, or just a simple college course quiz, a math tutor can substantially increase your leverage in understanding the logic behind an array of problems. There are tons of live, online tutors that are available for immediate pay. Others might be available in your local community or even University or school. Many who freelance offer their services online who will charge per-hour for various forms of assistance.

Those who advertise their services online can help you with immediate assistance if they charge for an instant chat program or Skype call, for example. For less immediate needs, some may simply ask for an email to be sent once a payment via PayPal is sent. Others will grant you access to message boards that operate round the clock so that you can ask a multitude of users available for questions. This may be one route to take, but there are also many free website s and message boards that you can visit, though answers to your questions and math problems may not be as speedy or even correct.

A math tutor may be accessible directly from your high school, college, university, or other educational institution. Asking the administration of your school or learning facility is the best to go about finding out if there are available resources for your math needs. On large university campuses, many bulletin boards dawn print out ads from students who specialize in various subject areas. If you can find one of these and do a quick search, perhaps finding a fellow student for help may be the best bet. Prices are likely to be low and you would be helping a statistically poor college student!

Because your educational career is of the utmost importance, finding math help is essential. This will help you gain leverage in future courses while helping pass the ones that are required. It may also come in handy once graduated, as extensive tutoring can truly open the eyes of those seeking help, revealing to them a new perspective on the subjects at hand. If you need some numerical assistance, you can easily find some help with a little research and perseverance.

Your education is nothing to toy around with, so it is important to not be afraid to seek and ask for help. This is particularly true with math, the #1 ranked response by college level students as the most difficult subjects to grasp both in high school and undergraduate. No matter which grade or educational level you may be at, if you need math assistance, it is important to seek this help out. With the right help, these problems can cease to exist, making your future endeavors stress free and easier to grasp.

By: aayana

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Looking for a Middletown NJ math tutor to help you or your child grasp this essential subject? Visit us today at to learn more about how we can help.

Here at Cherry Hill Mathnasium we offer a great math tutoring program. Please stop by at our website or give us a call at 1-(856) 874-0050.


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