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Learning Math Helps Us Daily

Who said that learning math is not really necessary? It certainly wasn’t me! So I did a search to find some information about why we need to learn math and found an interesting article by Cy Lack.

Check it out!

The Importance Of Math In Our Daily Life

Many of us rarely give math any credit. In fact we often look upon it with disdain. However, math plays an important role in holding our daily lives, everything from the food we eat to the work we do, math is involved everywhere! So, it is important to understand the importance of math in our daily life.

If you are one of those who hated math in school, appreciating the value of math in everyday life may prove to be difficult. You may feel that it’s a boring subject and wondered why we even need to study it because who cares about equations and trigonometry! Please carry on reading and you will find that math forms an integral part of our daily life.

Math in Daily Activities


When you cook, you need to measure the ingredients in terms of teaspoon, tablespoon, ounces, grams, kilograms, etc If you are preparing meals for many people, you will need to convert all the measurements accordingly. Messing up with the measurements can result in disastrous meals.

Grocery Shopping

I’m sure when you go grocery shopping you’ll check the price tags of each item before putting them into the cart. Imagine going to the counter and seeing a bill beyond your budget! How embarrassing! You also have to consider discounts. Meaning you need math to calculate the total amount you have to pay and the money saved.


People who are overweight need to be conscious of their calorie intake. Especially if they are on special weight loss diets, knowledge of math is needed to calculate the total amount of calories consumed in one day, one week and one month.


Here is where math can help prevent you from landing yourself and your family in soup! Just imagine, not knowing how much money you have and how much you are allowed to spend is a definite way of landing yourself in the lap of credit. Even if you do not pay the electricity bill, water bill or cable TV bills, one bill that you definitely cannot escape is the restaurant bill. Restaurants are places where your math knowledge becomes so useful.

Building Things

Math is vital in building anything from a piece of furniture to some major building project. Measurements act guidelines for building. Imagine trying to build a house or even a bed without measurements. It’s not possible at all!


Math is needed everywhere people work irrespective of the field of work you are employed in. Besides the business analysts, bank officials and financial accountants that need to be competent in math. We all require math to calculate our targets, salaries and most important of all, leave status!

Visiting a Foreign Country

When you go abroad for a holiday, it is important that you have knowledge of currency conversion, because only by converting it back into your currency will you know if something is expensive for your budget or not. But if you can’t convert currencies, you will never know if you were getting it cheaper.

As you can see it is important to teach the significance of math in our daily life to kids so that they will understand that learning math is important for their lives and is not a subject that they are being forced to learn. One good way is to ask them to write an essay about importance of math in our daily life to increase their awareness of the importance of math!
By: CY Lack
Article Directory:

CY Lack is an experienced educator who has been teaching English and Mathematics for more than 15 years. His mission in life is to try to improve the English and Mathematics standards of students in Singapore. He is currently working with a few private schools and tuition centres in Singapore. For more information, please visit his website at

So as Mr. Lack points out, you see that learning math is vitally important as we use it in almost every part of our lives! Right?  🙂

Have a great day!



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Math Tutor In Cherry Hill NJ

If you’re looking for a godd math tutor in Cherry Hill, I humbly submit our business for your review – Mathnasium of Cherry Hill!

That said, the article which follows will give you a good idea of what to look for when you’re looking to hire a math tutor.

A good Math tutor

A math tutor specializes in tutoring math and normally uses different teaching techniques to suit the concerned child’s learning style and personality. A good math tutor should be able to focus on why the child is facing difficulties and then on how to deal with the problem at hand. This way a deep understanding is achieved and the right concepts taken note of.

Math is a subject that should be given special attention to make sure that your child’s career opportunities are not compromised. Recognizing that your child has difficulties in math early is the best way to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand. Although it is possible for a person to succeed in life without doing well in math, you will soon find out that opportunities are quite limited.

The biggest mistake most teachers make is teaching so that a child can be tested to pass. This in turn leaves lots of gaps and will require a tutor who promotes abstract thinking, thereby building a good foundation. This lies in the fact that math subject is naturally cumulative and therefore a child needs guidance and help before the desire to do better and the confidence is lost.

It is possible for a parent to tell that a child has difficulty when it comes to math as he clearly shows no enthusiasm towards it or has absolutely no confidence when doing his homework. Taking too long in assignment completion and a negative attitude are other signs to look out for in order to save your child early. A child may also feel overwhelmed and lack determination in completing class assignments. These signs are the early tell tale signs that your child needs the help of a good tutor.

Math subjects offered

There are various subjects involved in math and a good tutor should be in a position to manage dealing with all of them to make sure that he can help children from all grades and classes. By having this kind of deep knowledge of all the subjects, your child’s work will be made easier since he can deal with one tutor from one grade to the other.

Most of the subjects concentrated on include middle school topics which include geometry, measurements, graphing equation and algebra among many others. Elementary topics include measurements, money and coins, place values and rounding among many others. Others are high school geometry and high school topics involving geometry 1 and 2.

Author info :

Ms. R. Tutors is the leading provider of in san jose tutoring . Our palo alto tutor , bay area tutor have extensive experience in providing instruction in math, English, science, French, Spanish and more.


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The New Way To Learn Math

Don’t you just hate having to memorize things? Especially things like the multiplication tables?  I know I don’t like it much so I was very interested in this article that teaches a new way for people to learn math. Check it out – I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

A New Way to Learn Math- The Magical Math Story
By Darren Michalczuk

Some students struggle with math. These are the students who are usually out in the hall for misbehaving, quiet and withdrawn because they don’t know the answers or complaining of headaches or stomach problems from the suffering of learning math. The signs of poor math skills come in many forms, but the message is always the same. These students don’t understand numbers.

There is a way to reach these students. To help these students a teacher or parent needs to be patient, energetic and above all willing to think outside of the box. Traditional ways of teaching math simply will not work with these students. Here you will find an example of one the methods you can use to reach a student in elementary school. It is a method that has been refined over many years and has worked with hundreds of students.

There is a story, one of several stories, which actually changes how a child looks at math. Although it is an easy story to learn, it is very specific in design. It reaches auditory, kinesthetic and visual learners and includes mnemonic devices to make numbers easy to remember. It can reach students that have struggled with math for years. It is actually more effective with younger students as it helps create an understanding of math before bad habits like finger counting develop.

The story is simple: Your mother is chasing a spider around the house when she swings and accidentally breaks the window.

For parents, this story is one you can teach to a child anywhere such as in the car on your way to soccer practice, in the living room during a commercial or while taking a walk to the corner store. You can embellish the story and make it more personal, laughing about how much Mom freaks out about the spider. You can even have the child imagine the story in great detail, talking about how big the spider is and how loud it is when the window shatters. Although the core of the story can’t be changed, it is a story that will taught uniquely by each individual teacher or parent who will add their own style and energy.

This story includes several mnemonic devices. Each image represents a specific part of a math fact, for example the number eight is represented by a spider which has a body that looks like an eight and has eight legs. It includes personal connections (Mom), imagery (a black spider), and actions (breaking the window) which will make the story stick in both the short term and long term memory. It also uses tangible images like a golf club and a spider that can be remembered more easily than abstract concepts. In short, it is a story that can be easily remembered.

The usual way for a student to learn eight times nine is to add nine together eight times. Not only is this time consuming, it is also boring. By nature this method creates confusion with other math facts as none are distinct from the others. It is easy to mix up seven times eight with six times nine. The traditional method of drill and practice takes many hours and often only reaches a few of the students in a class.

In contrast, teaching math by using vivid images of a memorable story will produce markedly different results. When asked what eight times nine is a student will recall the image for eight (a spider) and nine (golf) and the story that goes with them. They will easily remember that the house (the bigger image) represents seventy as the roof is shaped like a seven and the window (the smaller image) represents two since it has two curtains. This connects all the numbers, making it easy to remember that eight times nine is seventy two. It will work for the reverse (division) just as easily. With less than twenty unique but specific stories to learn, learning the times tables can be a fun adventure.

With all due respect to the traditions that have been successful for many students, there is a way to reach those it hasn’t worked for.

Darren Michalczuk is the founder of the Brick School. He is an experienced classroom teacher who has developed many programs and resources for math, language and music. The Brick School offers quality educational posters, programs and worksheets online for elementary language arts, math and music. Materials are designed to promote effective learning strategies in an easy to understand, straight-forward format. They offer both practical solutions to learning problems and leading edge technology and techniques. It reaches both struggling students and those who need extra challenges in class.With the latest software and leading edge learning strategies, our materials are paving the way for learning. User-friendly porgrams give students instant feedback while they practice important basic skills. Lessons and study guides also include proven learning strategies and memories techniques. Please visit our website.

So there you have it. I told you it was interesting – right? So do you think it would be easier for you to learn math this new way as opposed to doing the old memorization techniques? Drop me a comment here and let me know what you think?

Thanks and until next time … make every day count!



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“Why Do I Need To Learn Math?”

If you’re a teacher or a parent, you’ve probably heard this question before! Chances are good that as a student you even asked this question yourself. 

Apparently JoLynn Colbert heard this question many times and decided to write a nice article to provide the answer for all of us who have had or heard this question. The article can be found at and is shown here for your pleasure.

Why Do We Have To Learn Math? Discover 6 Good Reasons
Students will often pose frustrating questions of various types to teachers or parents. Frequently, these questions are not really questions at all, but more of a whining complaint accompanied with the motive to waste time or sidetrack the teachers lesson plan. Some of your most spontaneous, off the cuff, answers may include: ” Because I said so,” or; “Because we are having a test tomorrow.” These words may slip out of our mouths even though we aware that these responses are inadequate. Sometimes however, the question is a legitimate one. A question we may have even asked ourselves from time to time. “Why do we have to learn math?” Below are a list of 6 good reasons to learn math. Also included is a possible assignment to give students to help them learn the reasons.

1. Simple math concepts build on themselves. We need simple math concepts to work into more advanced math concepts. Even if you get a job working with people, you will very likely still need math. Advanced math is needed for a near infinite list of many popular careers such as: 

Computer fields

Finance and banking





Clothing designer

Business manager


(fill in the blank)

Jobs for unskilled labor are becoming harder and harder to come by. Getting a good job with good pay will depend on your special skills that not everyone can offer. Math is one of those skills. Even if your job involves working mainly with people, it is very likely you will still have to use math. Learn math and get the job of your dreams.

2. Math is needed when you must decide how to create the very best arrangement for furniture, equipment for large groups of people at work or for a special occasion at home. Simple math concepts such as multiplying fractions and manipulating ratios make it easy to adjust cooking recipes to the number of people you want to serve. Learn math and make your personal life function better.

3. Math can help you create art. Not only will you want to get the correct sizes and color mixtures, math is used in almost every aspect of art. Major universities offer an entire class called “Mathematics in Art and Architecture”. Techniques like tiling, tessellation, perspective, pattern, and symmetry are some of the concepts used in art that require the use of math. Make yourself and your world more beautiful. Learn math.

4. People will often try to make you to believe something that isn’t true and may use math that seem to prove what they say. If you know how to check the math, you can steer clear of being the fool. the shady business of using math to lie is the subject of a classic book, “How to Lie With Statistics” by the author Darrell Huff. Written some 50 years ago, most of the deceptive math tricks described in his book are still being used on a regular basis. Even if someone is not trying to deceive you, it is possible that an error was made. For example: A laboratory test may show that a person has a particular disease. If mathematical errors were made in the analysis, the person may not have the disease at all. It is important to be able to understand any information that comes to you with a claim of “mathematical proof”. Don’t be fooled. Learn math.

5. Math is essential in personal finance issues and budgeting. In your personal life, you may use math to plan how budget your money. On the job you may need to plan how your company will spend money. Learn math and grow rich.

6. Learning math and solving problems is a mental exercise that improves your general thinking ability. It is like exercise for your brain. Want to become smarter in every way? Learn math.

It should be obvious that there are many more than 6 good reasons to learn math. The next time a math student asks you “Why do we have to learn this” make this simple assignment:

Read this article and write one unique paragraph on “Why should we learn math?”

To your success and prosperity,
JoLynn Colbert

Author JoLynn Colbert invites you to view our FREE! Report on how to motivate your child.


So there you have it! A very good article and your explanation as to why you (and your children) need to learn math!

Until next time – make sure you get your share of pi



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