Does This Image Freak You Out? If It Does, This Is What It Means

Phobias are weird. Irrationally fearing something that you perhaps shouldn’t can really get in the way of normal day-to-day life. I know someone so scared of heights that he can’t even drive over a bridge. I also know someone who’s physically repulsed by the sight of seeing milk being poured. Weird.

I’ve not looked it up but I’m pretty sure the latter fear doesn’t have a name. That means it’s easier to laugh at her for having such an odd phobia. And I do. This was the same for “the fear of holes” but, after someone first wrote about it on the internet in 2005, it’s been given a name – Trypophobia.

By “the fear of holes”, I don’t mean the book OR the film adaptation starring ShiaLabeouf – I mean things like a lotus seed pod.

If that makes you feel queasy, there’s a chance you suffer from trypophobia.

Knowing the triggers of trypophobia is all well and good but knowing what actually causes it is a whole new challenge and is largely disputed. As most phobias are boil down to a fear of one’s own safety, that’s where trypophobia differs.

One of the leading theories is all maths-y. It suggests that the mathematical properties of the trigger images require more brain power to translate and subsequently cause visual discomfort, headache or eye strain.

Like this for example…

If you’re anything like me, that doesn’t make you shudder because of the hole placement or anything, it’s simply because it’s repulsive.

Anyway, do you fear holes? Maybe you have trypophobia… Let us know in the comments!

H/T: IFLScience

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