New Math Never Gets Old

What is it about new math? How come it seems that new math never gets old?

Well I was looking through some videos and found this one which I thought you’d all like to see. It’s all about learning new math!


New Math – Tom Lehrer
Hi All… I hope that you enjoy watching my video! I am a Primary School Teacher from Australia and could not resist animating this Tom Lehrer classic. Tom Lehrer is a brilliant lyricist, and I think that this video will be a lot of fun during parent information evenings. I realise that my video is similar to some other YouTube submissions; however I have created my own animation and changed the musical arrangement slightly. Hopefully I will get some hits and people will enjoy watching it. If it does prove popular, I will post some more in the not too distant future.

Kind of funny that this new math is so old, eh?



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