Picture of the Day: The Color Distribution of a Party Size Skittles Bag

Photograph by Goobz24

In this random photo, Reddit user Goobz24 visually depicts the color distribution from a single party size bag of Skittles. While a single bag is clearly not representative, a study conducted in 2002 analyzed the color distribution of 504,032 Skittles and found the distribution to be almost dead even [source].

In the bag above, the breakout was as follows:

Red: 80 (20.8%)
Orange: 74 (19.3%)
Yellow: 74 (19.3%)
Green: 91 (23.7%)
Purple: 65 (16.9%)
Total number: 384

Read more: http://twistedsifter.com/2016/05/color-distribution-of-a-party-size-bag-of-skittles/