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8 Animals Who Cant Even Begin To Comprehend Relative Velocity

Sure, maybe most of us humans dont understand relative velocity, and thats fine, but these creatures of the animal kingdom dont even have the capacity to understand any scientific concept at all. Pathetic.

1. This rhino

Heres an African rhino who knows nothing of the complex relationship between mathematics and theoretical physics. What a complete waste of time this thing is.

2. This elephant

The elephant is, by all accounts, a smart creatureone of the smartest creatures on Earth, in fact. But how smart could she be if she doesnt understand that an object moving at a speed of 55 miles per hour enclosed in a vehicle traveling through space is also moving at a relative speed even if it appears stationary?

3. This sloth

This adorable sloth has no concept of the fact that friction acts as a variable to the constant of a cars momentumassuming, of course, that a cars momentum is constant. But this sloth cant assume that, or assume anything of any scientific consequence. So, we pretty much have no way of evaluating the effect of friction on a car. Thanks a lot, dummy.

4. This panda

We dont want to call this panda ignorant, but how else would you describe an animal who cant comprehend elementary things like language, objective reasoning, and physics?

5. This otter

Hey, otter, whos a good boy? Are you a good boy? Are you a good boy who understands that acceleration impacts velocity? Are you accelerating right now? Are you? Are you, boy?

6. This lion

The African lion is one of historys most ancient, fabled animals, with legends dating back thousands of years, and in all that time, it hasnt learned anything about displacement vectors.

7. This fox

This fox cant fathom force, energy, velocity, or Newtons second law. Can we ask you something, fox? Do you even know where you are right now? What are you even doing here?

8. This polar bear

What a moron.

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