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Can Learning Math Really Be Fun?

Quite often, when you mention the word “math”, you’ll get response like “ugh”, “I hate math”, “I’ve never been good at math” and many other negative responses!

It doesn’t have to be that way for most people though. In fact, learning math can be a fun process! (You know Mathnasium’s motto is “we make learning math fun” right?) You may be skeptical about that, so here’s an article where someone else believes that learning math can be a fun process!

Learning Basic Math Facts Can Be Fun… … Really

I know what you are thinking, there’s no way learning basic math facts can be fun. It’s a matter of memorization mostly, but still, it doesn’t have to be boring for you or your child. Utilizing some memory games and incorporating props can be very helpful for children who are initially learning math. Try some of these ideas yourself and you might just be surprised.

Flash cards are a tried and true technique, but how can you make them more fun? Stickers are a great way to show progress. If your child can provide the answer to a given flash card within three seconds, they get to put a sticker on the card. It’s surprising how motivating this is for a child who is struggling with their basic math facts.

Playing games online is another fun way to sharpen one’s skills. There are thousands of sites dedicated to math and many of them are free. Simply find a few that your child likes and rotate through them so your child doesn’t get bored or the site doesn’t become too easy. Some even have timed sections to help your child get faster at answering questions.

Another great option is to play a math memory game. Write the questions and answers on separate index cards and turn them over. You and your child will flip over different cards until you find the match. Your child will enjoy the game and the attention you are giving them and they will learn in the process.

Modifying games is simple and affordable for all parents. All it requires is a little time on your part. Create a shoe box full of homemade math games that your child can pick from on a daily basis. Spend at least 15 minutes a day practicing through these fun techniques and your child will be more confident in math in addition to being able to pass those timed tests.

By: Jocelyn R. Lewiston

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Jocelyn Lewiston is a teacher and writer on various educational topics including learning basic math facts and fun ways to practice spelling words. She is dedicated to making education fun and interesting for all children.

So as you can see, there are others who believe that it can be a fun process to learn math, you just have to think outside the “normal” boundaries.

How about you? Are you now a believer?

Have a great day!

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