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Google’s AlphaGo Beats Go Champion 4-1 In Landmark Victory For AI


AlphaGo, Googles artificial intelligence (AI), has trounced the current world champion Lee Se-dol at the game of Go, four matches to one. Despite having very simple rules, this ancientgame has trillions upon trillions of possible moves and permutations, so AlphaGos victory is seen as a landmark in the evolution of AI.

The tournament which took place in Seoul, South Korea showcased the AIs formidable calculating power, which is part of Googles overarching DeepMind program. Back in October of last year, AlphaGo defeated the reigning European Go champion five games to zero, and it has now risen to the very top of the field.

Mr Lee said after that, although the defeat had “challenged” his ideas about the game Go, he did not necessarily think AlphaGo was superior to humans, reported the BBC.After the comprehensive win,Google said it would donate the $1 million prize to various organizations, including UNICEF, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) charities and a few Go groups.

Go is a 2,500-year-old Chinese game that is widely considered one of the most complex games every developed. Its rules are relatively simple; each player has to use their beads, black or white, to surround their opponents beads on a 19 x 19 grid. Interconnected beads demarcate individual players territory, so at heart, it is somewhat similar to chess.

However, chess is far less complicated than Go, mathematically speaking. Although the number of possible moves in chess is ludicrously high, in Go, there are around 1 x 10170 possible configurations thats the number one with 170 zeros after it. To put it another way, there are more configurations than there are atoms in the universe.

AIs have long been able to beat expert human chess players at their own game, as was most famously demonstrated by world chess champion Garry Kasparovs defeat to the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue in 1997. AlphaGo has spent a long time playing the game Go against older versions of itself, and its recent tournament victories has cemented its rise as a formidable intellect in this regard.

To the relief of human Go players everywhere, Mr Lee did manage to win the fourth match, despite being left speechless after losing the second to AlphaGo, which played a nearly perfect game. According to BBC News, Mr Lee said that he has never been congratulated so much because Ive won one game.

Mr Lee’s sole win is particularly impressive given that, just beforehand, AlphaGo was granted divine status by the Korea Baduk Association, a governing body for the game of Go. This daunting ranking implies that the AIs gaming ability has bordered on god-like.

Although it is somewhat of a stretch to say that AlphaGo will become sentient and take over the world, this AI wunderkind is a perfect example of why many predict robots will soon take over many human-run jobs, particularly those that involve tasks with repeating patterns. It begins, as some may say.

Many have started speculating what challenge it, or indeed similar AIs, may take on next. Some have suggested poker or even video games like StarCraft, far more advanced games that humans will have a distinct advantage in for now.

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Mental Math and Your Child

Here’s a very interesting article I found on teaching your child mental math via the Vedic Math system. Makes for a very good read.

Homeschool Your Child To Vedic Math – The Worlds Fastest Mental Math System

Some questions to ponder:

– How could the Aryan civilization, near the Hunza Valley, 5,000 years ago, mentally compute mathematical operations that today only a calculator could achieve?

– And if the Math could not be done mentally, how could they do everything we know today, IN ONE-LINE? eg: converting the fraction 1/19 into a decimal is an 18 digit answer that requires 35 lines of exhausting long division, how could they do it in a one simple line solution?

– Why is NASA using this MENTAL ONE-LINE SYSTEM OF ARITHMETIC in the field of Advanced Artificial Intelligence? Why is INTEL using it in chip designing?

– How can your child become a Human Bio-Calculator?

– Is the current Western Math Curriculum keeping our Children in a state of limited intelligence?

You are home schooling your 14 year old teen in Math. You feel you can instill better values, character and education to your children. You want to give the Best to your child. You want to provide quality which is unattainable in schools. Imagine how your child would feel when he immediately realizes that you are teaching him powerful ways to do Math Calculations without any extra burden on the both of you. Infact he would now want you to take the Math Classes more often so that he gets a hang on to these new systems.

This system of teaching Math can complement your family’s strong learning system and can instill the values you want to develop in your child. It requires just knowledge of multiplication tables up to 9 to start learning it and it is easy to learn, Master and teach your child without being overwhelmed. Infact once you spend 2 minutes with your child on teaching him how to do this sum (shown here) he can at once teach 5 more of his friends to do it. It’s that simple!
Here’s a quick example of one of the Technique:

65 x 65 = ?

It is quite simple since both digits start from 6, so you take 6 and multiply with the next number 7 which gives you= 42 , the first part of the answer and take 5 and multiply by the next units 5 which gives you 25,so the final answer is 4225. Try 85 x 85 now. Answer 7225. Try 95 x 95 – Answer 9025 in the similar way.

Now how long did that take? This method can also be said to be the fastest in the world in mental math.

This system has the prowess to speed up Math Calculations by up to 1500% and supposedly seemingly difficult calculations like 998 x 997 can be solved in less than five seconds flat. With this system you can home school your child into becoming a Human Bio Calculator in a matter of a week’s time.

The answers to the question posed by this article in the beginning are found by understanding the ancient Indian system of High Speed Vedic (Sanskrit for Knowledge) Mathematics. It was rediscovered by Tirthaji (1884-1960) who was dux of India in Math and Sanskrit Philosopher who wrote and spoke perfect English. He reached the position of a Respected Pope in India, toured the United States in 1958 giving math lectures in Stanford, Caltech and even MIT and discovered the math knowledge which can solve every known math problem mentally and faster. He called his book and the subject ‘Vedic Mathematics’ after the Indian Scriptures called Vedas which mean knowledge. It is absolutely mathematical, scientific and global in nature and has nothing to do with any religion. Which means any person of any religion, country, ethnicity, color or race can use it and apply it and enjoy its tremendous benefits all across the world. No wonder it is being used by students from around the Globe of every race and origin to making their math calculations easier and is increasingly getting popular. Even NASA, INTEL and Microsoft are using it for the high end applications of Vedic Math.

A Look at this High Speed Vedic Mental Math tutorials and slide shows confirms the fact that it is indeed a miracle waiting to happen to your child.

Any teenager can learn Vedic Mathematics and enhance his numerical abilities. It helps the students not only in traditional academics, but it also enhances the IQ by enhancing the analytical skills and thought processes. This happens because the system is very coherent and intuitive and uses both sides of the brain thereby giving the student the winning edge. It is very satisfying to see young children’s eyes brighten when they see and learn the High Speed Vedic system and techniques.

Thomas, a 16 year old was able to apply these techniques with ease and without confusion when he learnt the Vertically and Crosswise Formula of multiplying two and three digit numbers Mentally and in One Line. He was able to solve correctly over 75 problems in less than 10 minutes which normally takes from 45-90 minutes to solve. This is simply incredible.

So how do you get started and homeschool your child into this system in a week’s time?

First your child should be over 14 years of age and should know multiplication tables upto 9. That is the only criteria to learn this system.

Try going through the High Speed Vedic Mental Math tutorials and see if your child enjoys the new methods. Show them the slide shows. You would have live results for your self whether or not to choose this as an alternative means to learn Math.

Squares of Numbers ending in 5

Multiplying numbers by 11-19 in less than five seconds

Instant Subtractions

Speed Division by 9.

See if he shows an interest. It shouldn’t overwhelm or burden him in any way. It should be as natural as possible.

Ask Questions to us. Go through the FAQ on our website below. Clarify your doubts you would have before deciding to introduce your child to it.

If you feel satisfied and your child is showing interest order a book or a DVD Set of over 10 hours on this phenomenal system which would suit your child best. I am sure if you could do these methods and are wondering why you didn’t learn them as a child-remember you could relive your childhood by introducing them to your child now. You could be igniting such a spark in your child now that he could be using this system for all his life and even introducing them to the next generation.

Give your child the best of education unattainable in schools.

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This Article is by Gaurav Tekriwal, who has been conducting High Speed Vedic Maths Workshops and has trained over ten thousand students across the world in the field. He is an expert in the field and revolutionizes the way children learn math.


So after reading this, are you ready to help your 14+ year old learn math via the Vedic Math system? Or maybe YOU just want to learn this?  😉

Have a great New Year!



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