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Using Technology To Learn Math

I really like technology! Most children I know also like technology. So it only makes sense that we parents and instructors should learn to use technology to help our children learn math, right?

As I was reading through some news lately, I found this article about how an East Brunswick school in Northern New Jersey is using technology (as well as some good old fashioned board games) to help students learn the different topics taught in school – one of them being math.

You can read the article here: Embracing Technology in the Classroom

At Mathnasium of Cherry Hill, we like to utilize many different approaches to help our students learn math. We’ve even had an event where the students got together and played “angry birds”!

So how about you? Do you use technology to help your children learn things?

If so, would you mind posting some of your ideas here for others to see?


Have a great day!

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Activities To Encourage Your Children To Learn Math

Encouraging your childrn to learn math doesn’t have to be a complicated process. The article below will help you to help your child learn math and perhaps even come to enjoy math!  Check it out and let me know what you think?

5 Activities To Encourage A Love Of Math In Your Children
Oftentimes parents invest a lot of money in thick workbooks to teach their kids math. Some children are open to workbooks. Others are not. If your child is bored by workbooks, don’t fret. There are plenty of other ways to teach math – and they’re fun!

Board Games
Dust off your Monopoly game and your game of Life. Counting money is great practice for learning math. If your child is old enough, ask her be the banker.

Cooking is a wonderful way to teach addition, multiplication, division and fractions. (Even the adding of fractions which is, of course, quite advanced.) Whether your child is 3 or 13, you can teach math in a fun way with recipes. If your child chooses the recipes and writes the grocery lists, she will get practice with her reading, spelling and writing skills, too.

Have a Garage Sale
Garage Sales or yard sales are a natural way to practice math. Your child can help by writing the prices on items, by collecting money and dispensing change. No matter how you involve your child, she will be practicing math, gaining confidence, and some good business and communication skills as well.

Math Uno
Remember the game of UNO that you played as a kid? Have you ever involved math when playing the game? Instead of playing one matching color or number on the card that is face up, instead play two or more number cards that add up to that number.

For older kids, you can encourage subtraction, multiplication and division as well.

Start a Family Business
Of course one of the best ways to practice math is by running a business. Either help your child start a small business or consider a family business. Whether it’s a baby-sitting business or a lemonade stand, your child’s brain will be challenged.

If you already own a family business, then, by all means, allow your child to help.

These are just a few ways you can practice math with your child – and help him to gain more confidence in his math skills.

By: Nicole Dean

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Nicole Dean invites you to www.ShowKidstheFun.com — a free website filled with activities to make memories with your children and www.ShowKidstheMoney.com — a fun and informative resource for moms who want to help their kids make money.

My personal favorite is the garage sale! Let your child sell some of their old toys and save the money to buy some new ones! You not only get the benefits listed above, but you’ll teach your child the importance of saving.

Have a great day.

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Learn Math By Playing Games!

I like to play games! Don’t you? It’s a fact that children like playing games and this article that I found on ArticleDirectory.com agrees with my supposition that children learn more easily while playing.

Math Games to Enhance Your Children’s Learning by Amar Mahallati

Many kids find math to be confusing and frustrating, but there are some ways to prevent this from happening. Introducing your kids to math while they are young can help them become familiar with numbers and it will help them understand them as well. One great way to introduce your children to math is to use the various math games that are available for purchase. These games are usually a great deal of fun and teach your kids that math can be exciting. When your children associate learning math with fun, no doubt they will do much better in their math classes at school.

There are many different educational math games that are available, such as card games and board games as well. No doubt you will quickly see that there are many great card games and board games that can help your child to improve their math skills. If your kids are just starting to learn about numbers and shapes, one great game to consider is GeoShapes. This games uses both Metric and English measuring systems, and strategy is part of the game too. No doubt your whole family will have a great time playing it.

Computer games can be another great way to help your kids learn and enjoy math. There are many math computer games that are great for kids, especially since so many kids are comfortable with using a computer and enjoy playing games on it. You can even find great math games for the computer that will allow your whole family to play. Some kids may have difficulty with math because of a short attention span, and using computer games is a great way to keep their attention while they learn math.

If your child learns in a more traditional way, there are many great books that teach more about math too. You can find excellent books for every level of math that will help you kids understand the concepts in a fun way. There are books on graphing, geometry, and other types of math too. Even though they are books, they do not have to be boring; in fact, many of these math books have Disney characters or other characters that your kids will recognize and love. Kids that love Disney characters will no doubt enjoy a math book that has their favorite character teaching them about math.

Even if your child has not entered school yet, there are great games available to introduce them to math. There are also educational math games available for kids of all ages in school as well. Math games are a great way to get your kids more comfortable with math. These games will also help them have fun with math, which will help them associate math with a great time. Math games are very entertaining, and no doubt you and your kids will have a great time when playing them.

Picking up math skills can be fun, and games can be educational. Give your kids the best of both worlds, come visit 123KidsGames.com – Educational Kids Games and discover the best, most fun way to grow and learn. Or go to 123KidsGames.com – Educational Math Games for Kids to find … educational math games for kids.


So, let the games begin!  🙂



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