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Quite often students will forget some of what they’ve learned throughout the school year during their summer vacation months. In order to ensure that your child will retain most of what he’s learned, there are summer programs which you might want to explore. This article offers you some ideas along that theme:

Advantages Of Learning Through The Summer Months



While children learn plenty of information throughout the school year, some of that can be lost during the summer. In addition to that issue, often called “summer brain drain,” there are a variety of other reasons for parents to consider an online summer learning program. In fact, there are many advantages of learning through the summer months.

Prevent Loss of Learning
Facts oftentimes are not being practiced enough during summer vacation. Learning through the summer months can help avoid a loss of learning that occurs due to non-practice. Oftentimes teachers spend a good portion of the beginning of the school year reviewing what was learned in the previous year. Summer learning programs can make this process and transition much smoother for a child. 

Catch Up on Missed Skills
Sometimes a child can get behind and even miss some of the important basic skills. This is especially true in mathematics. Because previous math skills are required to learn and process upcoming math, it’s important that a child fully comprehend each math process. Knowing and understanding all required concepts will help a child succeed in future lessons. A summer math program can help a child catch up on these essential skills.

Review Learned Skills
If a child has already mastered the required skills for his or her grade level, summer learning programs can prepare that child for the next grade level. Learning about some of the things to come can give a child a head start and smooth the transition to the next grade level. Math can be especially difficult for some children to grasp. For more convenience and flexibility, try an online summer math program.

Master Learned Skills
Even if a child has learned the basic required skills in the appropriate level during the school year, summer learning can still be beneficial. Further practice of those skills can help ensure or achieve mastery. Mastering basic and advanced summer math skills can help a child to achieve in upcoming study during the school year. To advance further in math, mastery of each skill is required. That is because as math progresses, those skills will be used to solve more complex math problems. Practicing learned facts through the summer months can help a child master those required skills.

Get a Head Start on the Upcoming School Year
Even a child who has already mastered his or her required skills can still benefit from a summer learning program. A child can get a head start on lessons to come in the upcoming school year by learning some of them through summer education. This can either help the child to advance further in studies or provide a smooth transition when advancing to the next grade level. Online summer learning programs are a great way to do this. Some are even designed around this purpose.


By: Surabhi Mittal

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 Surabhi Mittal works with the academic department of ClickandClimb.com that provides 1-on-1 online math tutoring to children in grades 3-12. She can be reached at surabhi@clickandclimb.com. To learn more about online math tutoring or enroll in our summer math program, please visit www.clickandclimb.com/.

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