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Can Learning Math Be Fun?

If you like something, you’ll usually be good at it, right?

So if you want to learn math, you’ll probably want to get a math teacher or tutor that likes math!

Check out this professor’s perspective on learning math and teaching math with fun. I think you’ll like it.

Making Math Fun
Math teachers need ”to know more than the text book,”says Alfred Posamentier, Professor Emeritus of City College. There are mathematical wonders beyond the curriculum that can make the subject come alive.

So what is your opinion? I think he’s right on!

Have a great day!

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Math and Children – a perfect combination!

Dear Readers,

We have created this blog with the intention to inform and help parents find the answers to their questions regarding math, reasoning skills, child development and benefits of stimulating and nurturing the young minds, bringing a long lasting result.

Our blog will contain useful articles, tips on home drills and answers to questions parents always wanted to ask.

My child gets As and Bs, but hasn’t really acquired some of the topics on his curriculum; my child is great at math and he is only 5, how can I nurture his/her young brain to promote those skills to be developed? Is it ever too early to bring extra help to my child’s math needs?  Those and many other questions will be answered here.

Feel free to write and ask , share with us!

Let’s make this blog a favorite spot for parents and educators to discuss math related issues.

Welcome to our math quest, welcome to Mathnasium!

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