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Do You Need To Learn Math To Be A Genius?

Most of us probably think that in order to qualify as a genius you need to have a great mathematical mind, right? But this is not really the truth! In my quest for knowledge, I was reading an interesting article today that I want to share with all of you. I believe you’ll find it interesting.

Find Your Genius


“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”~ Albert Einstein

Did you know that everybody is a genius? I love this quote by Einstein because it points out a false belief that is pervasive in our culture—that genius is defined by a certain type of IQ which has to do with reading and math. But defining IQ by reading and math when your genius lies in a totally different direction is like judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree—it makes no sense at all.

When I was in school, we all had to take IQ tests and our intelligence was judged by how we did on the test. One of my friends didn’t do well and was devastated by it. However, a smart teacher took her under her wing and helped her to find her genius—the calling of her soul—which had to do with her emotional intelligence and her ability to help others. This friend went on to receive her Ph.D. in psychology! So what was the IQ test measuring? Certainly not her genius.

Are You Afraid to Find Your Genius?

Are you afraid that you will have to change your whole life, such as quit your job or move to another place, in order to express your soul’s desire—your genius? Be assured that your genius doesn’t have to be your work. If your work is fine just the way it is, but doesn’t make your heart sing, then you can seek to express your genius in your off-work time.

You might find over time that, by following the river of joy within your soul, your genius leads you into new and fulfilling work, a deeper calling. But unless you are miserable in your work, there is no hurry for this transition to occur.

Finding Your Genius

I often help my clients tune into their unique genius, and I’d love to be of help to you as well.

You find your genius by paying attention what brings a smile to your face, what enlivens you, what feels like pure fun to you—even if it is hard.

Start by letting go of any preconceived ideas about what you are ‘supposed’ to be good at, and tune into what you are good at. What comes easy to you, or what is hard but excites you? What do you love to do? How do you love to spend your time? How did you love to spend your time when you were a child? What could you spend hours doing and never notice the passage of time?

When you do something from your soul,

You feel a river moving in you,

a joy. ~Rumi

Take these words in, for it is this joy of the river moving within you that is your unique genius—what your soul essence came to this planet to offer and express.

Are you more left-brain than right, or more right-brain than left? Does math bore you, but you come alive when you do something creative? Do you love helping people? Does being in nature move you? Do you love participating in physical things—sports, running, hiking, skiing and so on? Do you love being in groups or are you more of a one-to-one person? Do you have great organizational skills? Are you great with animals? Does history or science fascinate you? These are just a few of the questions you can ask to begin to discover your genius.

You are never too old to discover your genius. One of my acquaintances spent his whole working life in finance and he did extremely well. He liked it but didn’t love it. After he retired he became a photographer and found the joy of the river moving within him. One of my clients, who was also very successful in finance, found his genius in being an organic gardener. It’s interesting to me that both these men did extremely well in their chosen profession, but what they did never moved their soul. Pursuing what they are passionate about does.

By: Margaret Paul, Ph. D.

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Margaret Paul, Ph.D. is a best-selling author of 8 books, relationship expert, and co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding® process – featured on Oprah, and recommended by actress Lindsay Wagner and singer Alanis Morissette. Are you are ready to heal your pain and discover your joy? Click here for a FREE Inner Bonding Course, and visit our website at www.innerbonding.com for more articles and help. Phone and Skype Sessions Available. Join the thousands we have already helped and visit us now!

So you see it’s true! Learning math is not required for you to be a genius. We are all different with different abilities. So go and find your challenges and explore where your genius may be. If you find along the way that you’d like help with math, we are here and always happy to help!
Have a great day!

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Tutors Help A Child Learn Math

I read an interesting article on mathematics tutors and why they can be of help to certain students.

Depending on how your child’s brain is “wired”, a tutor may be just the ticket!

Check it out:

 Math Tutoring Can Work Wonders

Does your child need math tutoring? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Mathematics is one of those subjects that many people struggle with. While some people are whizzes with numerical equations, for others it seems like the instructors are speaking a foreign language. Every person’s brain is unique. For some individuals, geometry, algebra and calculus are a snap but they can’t write an essay for the life of them. For others, they may be able to write sonnets in their sleep, but still count out arithmetic problems on their fingers. For the numbers-are-challenging group, calculators may be as indispensable as eyeglasses. It’s not that these people are lacking intelligence; they are just wired differently. Charles Darwin, the science-brained genius who masterminded the theory of evolution, was one smart man. But did you know that this scientist extraordinaire couldn’t graduate from college because he couldn’t pass his English exams? It’s true. Some people have math brains and others have literary brains – rare exceptions have both. If your child falls into the non-math whiz category, relax! He or she just needs some math tutoring.

What A Bit Of Extra Help Can Do

With the help of a tutor, a struggling student of numbers can move ahead in his or her coursework. Mathematics is one of the subjects that must be fully understood at each and every stage. Why? Because the next level of learning will be built on the existing foundation of knowledge. If the foundation’s shaky, the next level will be even shakier. Once a person begins to feel lost in this subject matter, he or she may lose confidence and begin to loathe the class. If this is a high school student, he or she may start to skip school or hide in the bathroom to avoid the embarrassment of flunking. If the child is an elementary school student, he or she might start getting sick from all the stress. A tutor can repair the foundation of knowledge and give the struggler back his or her confidence.

Options In Tutoring

Because standardized education focuses on the group, individuals get left behind. Teachers often don’t have time to give extra TLC to the strugglers of the class. That’s where tutors come in. Parents can hire a one-on-one teacher for their child. This is a gift that keeps on giving, because once the child catches up, he or she can keep up with the classmates and regain confidence. Math tutoring venue options can be in a storefront, in a room at the school set aside for this purpose or in the child’s own home. Many services provide in-home tutors who are experts in calculus, geometry, or basic mathematics to bring these struggling students up to speed. There are many options to improve one’s base of knowledge in order to move solidly ahead in school.

No one is talented in every subject but with a bit of extra help, each can still excel at school. If mathematics is a person’s weak spot, arranging for math tutoring will turn his or her report card and confidence around.

By: Andrew Stratton

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

 For the best name in atlanta math tutoringwww.tutorforce-atlanta.com.

If you feel that your child needs a tutor to help them learn math, please check us out at Mathnasium of Cherry Hill, NJ. We have an outstanding program and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reults you’ll see in a very short time period.

Have a great day!


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Multiplication Tables Memorization Or Not

I found an interesting article with an alternative way of learning the multiplication tables. While it doesn’t cover all of the numbers, it does work for the numbers between 10 – 20. Check it out!

Memorizing The Multiplication Tables To 20 – That’s Just Crazy!

Do you have a child who needs a confidence-boost in school? Imagine if your child knew the multiplication tables up to 20. It would make him or her seem like a genius compared to most school children who have problems even remembering 7 x 8!

If you are like most people, you probably think that memorizing the times tables to twenty would be a heck of a chore. It would! It would be crazy!

I feel sorry for anyone who’s already done that when they read ahead and learn the method to get the answer to any multiplication problem with whole numbers between 10 and 20, fast, with no need for memorization. They would have saved weeks of boring, rote memorization if they used this method instead.

Here’s how you do it:

Let’s say you are multiplying 12 x 17.

Step 1) Add the ones column of either of those numbers to the other number. In this case you could add either 7 + 12 or 2 + 17. (Both would give you the same result, namely 19). Put a zero after it, to get 190.

Step 2) Get the product of the last digits of each of the original numbers (that would be 2 x 7, which would give you 14).

Step 3) Add the two numbers you got. In this case that would be 190 + 14. You’d get 204, and you’d be done, because 12 x 17 = 204.

That’s how easy it is, and it works for any numbers between 10 and 20!

Try 19 x 14.

1) 19 + 4 = 23. 23 with a zero at the end is 230.
2) 9 x 4 =36
3) 230 + 36 = 266, which is the correct answer. Piece of cake!

Please, please, please don’t ever write anything down when you do this! It wlll defeat the whole purpose of this method. Writing down things that a child’s mind should be able to do is like training yourself to use crutches when you don’t need them. The whole point of this is to trust your brain, and learn to do simple math mentally.

Here are some more examples. Once you have practiced them, you should become fast enough to amaze anyone, especially an elementary school teacher. A third-grader should be able to do these with ease in a short time, and become the “Einstein” of his or her class.

18 x 13
15 x 16
19 x 18
17 x 14
12 x 16

You may come across instances where you will have to carry. You will automatically understand how to do that if you pay attention.

Remember, you are trying to boost confidence, and you can’t do that unless you have the basics down. With the basic multiplication tables “in your bones,” this way to multiply numbers up to 20 can be a “reputation-maker.”

Of course, if you or someone you know (your child or student, maybe?) hasn’t totally mastered the “multiplication tables,” the above method won’t do you much good, will it? You’ll be happy to know that there is a fool-proof, easy way to teach or learn the basic times-tables in minutes, and it’s even easier than the the method for multiplication of 10 through 20. Learn to Multiply with this Easy Method, now.

By: Professor Homunculus

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Brian Foley (a.k.a. “Professor Homunculus”) is the creator and web manager of Math Mojo and The Math Mojo Chronicles. He’s presented his Math and Magic programs at schools, corporations, and other facilities throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Try it out with your child and see how they like it?




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