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Learn Math To Help With Your Future

I was reading through a forum and one of the members posted this:

Will I Make It In Game Dev?

guys, I’m an computer science engineer and I love to get into game development…i just enjoy the whole concept and its always held my interest..Im good at programming
BUT! my whole life ive never ever been good at math…it just doesnt interest me and i never bothered to study it….only a couple of times when my passing the year had depended on it had i given it a look and scored good marks else id alwys manage with the least possible marks to make it thru the year in math…
Now, I know that game programming involves a lot of complex math..do you think its a good choice for me ? I’m willing to learn math if its for game programming but realistically speaking…im 21 and almost zero at math except for the basic stuff….do you think ill be able to catch up in time to be any good at it ? or should I just forget this career?

 This made me stop and realize that quite often what we take for granted is actually preparing us for a possible carreer choice at a later point in our life!

So what if this person’s parents had encouraged them to study math more, or what if they’d gotten him a math tutor? Chances are he wouldn’t have had to ask this question in this forum at all!

So if you are a parent and you’re reading this, encourage your child and remember that what you help your child learn now will stay with them for the rest of their lives!

Oh and if you’re interested in seeing the responses that this gentleman got in answer to his post, you can check it out here:


Have a great day!


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