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Does Your Child Need A Math Tutor?

I read the following article and thought you might be interested in checking it out. It’s a quick and dirty list of things to look for to help you recognize that your child may need a math tutor. read them over and see if any of them apply to your child/children. 

10 Signs That Your Child Needs A Math Tutor For Math Practice

You spend several hours every week to help your child with math problems, you try to motivate him, you have spoken to his teacher about his math homework but the result is still the same- poor math grades. Sounds familiar?
Don’t be in denial when your child’s math scores are not satisfactory and when he can’t stop getting distracted while working on his math homework problems. There are signs everywhere; you just need to be vigilant and take an appropriate action.
Look for these warning signs:
1) Poor grade in the report card (obviously a giveaway).
2) He spends 2-3 hours on his math homework every night.
3) His motivation level is very low and the very thought of going to school makes
him sad.
4) He works hard at home, but still gets Cs and Ds.
5) He has developed a nonchalant attitude toward school-related activities.
6) He does much better in other subjects such as science or reading.
7) His teacher complains regarding missed homework or declining grades.
8) He avoids conversations with you regarding math homework completion or
other school work when asked and starts acting out.
9) He complains that he has no friends at school.
10) He comes up with excuses to stay out of school, especially on math test or
homework due days.

By: Surabhi Mittal

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Surabhi Mittal works with the academic department of ClickandClimb.com that provides one-on-one online math tutoring to children in grades 3-12. She can be reached at surabhi@clickandclimb.com. To learn more about online math tutoring or to get a 2-week free trial, please visit www.clickandclimb.com/

I know this isn’t a comprehensive list, but it is a good starting point. And these things are sure signs that you should look into getting your child some tutoring help.

Oh, and did I mention that we here at Cherry Hill Mathnasium have a great track record when it comes to tutoring children and helping them improve their outlook as well as grades when it comes to math?  Ha Ha

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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