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Help Your Second Grader Learn Math

Everyone could use a little help when trying to help their child learn math. THe article below will help you to help your second grade student learn math more easily. Hope you enjoy it.

Tips On How To Teach Math To Second Graders

Children learn how to talk, walk and play from parents. And of course when they reach the right age, parents opt to send them to school to learn more. One of the subjects that must be taught to them is math. It is important that you know how to teach them the concepts in 2nd grade math. Exercises and drills may help but it is also better that you know to educate them without making them overwhelmed. Here are some tips on how to teach math to your second grader kid.

Review Old Math Lessons

Second grade level is the time that your kids learn math concepts and functions that were taught in the first grade. It is vital that you review with them their old math lessons to freshen up their memory. Also, it will help them apply these to their real life situations. Remember that they can not progress to future math concepts if they do not recall their past skills. A long time of reviewing is not necessary. It is better to review in short bursts of time. Just take care to not let them be overwhelmed. Sometimes, a quick refresher course will do.

Lesson Plan

It is also important that you plan the topics that you discuss with your child and to be able to discuss with them the concepts effectively and significantly. They will be able to understand them more easily and will answer their math exercises correctly. Making a lesson plan and sticking to it will lead to the accomplishment of desired goals at the end of the school year. The concepts vary for each grade level and it’s critical to comply with the prerequisites.

Practice and Learn

It is true that practice makes perfect. Constant practice in performing basic operations of math for second grade students can help them master the concepts. You should also make sure that your child fully understands the concepts before proceeding to the next topic. Home exercises are also important since it enables them to master the lessons discussed with them.

Make the Lesson Simple but Clear

When discussing with them or teaching them concepts, it is essential that you explain the lessons in a simple and understandable manner. Do not overwhelm your child with concepts that are too advanced for them. Simple explanations will make them understand the concepts very well. But of course, this will only happen when you make it clear and easy for them to be able to understand the concepts easily.

Relate the Concepts and Problems to Real Life

Relating concepts in math to everyday activities can help develop the math skills of children, especially young students like second graders. Playing board games and counting are also essential for their development. Have them play the money game, and let them act like a bank teller who counts money. Simple games like these enable them to apply the math concepts in real world activities.

Fun and enjoyment are essential to the development of your child especially when he deals with numbers. The learning does not only depend on the exercises and drills in school. When your child is at home, spend time with him in doing home work. It is best that you, the parent, know how to help him understand the concepts without making it stressful for him. Remember that you are his first and best teacher no matter what.

By: Sara Mays

Sara Mays is a math enthusiast who loves teaching kids math by making it more effective with games. By using games she is able to break through and help those kids that are struggling.

Do you want to learn how to teach your child more effectively by using 2nd grade math exercises? Visit my website at KidsLoveMath.com for helpful tips to make math easy, exciting and and fun!

So with that you now are prepared to go help your second grader!

Have a great day!

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“Why Do I Need To Learn Math?”

If you’re a teacher or a parent, you’ve probably heard this question before! Chances are good that as a student you even asked this question yourself. 

Apparently JoLynn Colbert heard this question many times and decided to write a nice article to provide the answer for all of us who have had or heard this question. The article can be found at EzineArticles.com and is shown here for your pleasure.

Why Do We Have To Learn Math? Discover 6 Good Reasons
Students will often pose frustrating questions of various types to teachers or parents. Frequently, these questions are not really questions at all, but more of a whining complaint accompanied with the motive to waste time or sidetrack the teachers lesson plan. Some of your most spontaneous, off the cuff, answers may include: ” Because I said so,” or; “Because we are having a test tomorrow.” These words may slip out of our mouths even though we aware that these responses are inadequate. Sometimes however, the question is a legitimate one. A question we may have even asked ourselves from time to time. “Why do we have to learn math?” Below are a list of 6 good reasons to learn math. Also included is a possible assignment to give students to help them learn the reasons.

1. Simple math concepts build on themselves. We need simple math concepts to work into more advanced math concepts. Even if you get a job working with people, you will very likely still need math. Advanced math is needed for a near infinite list of many popular careers such as: 

Computer fields

Finance and banking





Clothing designer

Business manager


(fill in the blank)

Jobs for unskilled labor are becoming harder and harder to come by. Getting a good job with good pay will depend on your special skills that not everyone can offer. Math is one of those skills. Even if your job involves working mainly with people, it is very likely you will still have to use math. Learn math and get the job of your dreams.

2. Math is needed when you must decide how to create the very best arrangement for furniture, equipment for large groups of people at work or for a special occasion at home. Simple math concepts such as multiplying fractions and manipulating ratios make it easy to adjust cooking recipes to the number of people you want to serve. Learn math and make your personal life function better.

3. Math can help you create art. Not only will you want to get the correct sizes and color mixtures, math is used in almost every aspect of art. Major universities offer an entire class called “Mathematics in Art and Architecture”. Techniques like tiling, tessellation, perspective, pattern, and symmetry are some of the concepts used in art that require the use of math. Make yourself and your world more beautiful. Learn math.

4. People will often try to make you to believe something that isn’t true and may use math that seem to prove what they say. If you know how to check the math, you can steer clear of being the fool. the shady business of using math to lie is the subject of a classic book, “How to Lie With Statistics” by the author Darrell Huff. Written some 50 years ago, most of the deceptive math tricks described in his book are still being used on a regular basis. Even if someone is not trying to deceive you, it is possible that an error was made. For example: A laboratory test may show that a person has a particular disease. If mathematical errors were made in the analysis, the person may not have the disease at all. It is important to be able to understand any information that comes to you with a claim of “mathematical proof”. Don’t be fooled. Learn math.

5. Math is essential in personal finance issues and budgeting. In your personal life, you may use math to plan how budget your money. On the job you may need to plan how your company will spend money. Learn math and grow rich.

6. Learning math and solving problems is a mental exercise that improves your general thinking ability. It is like exercise for your brain. Want to become smarter in every way? Learn math.

It should be obvious that there are many more than 6 good reasons to learn math. The next time a math student asks you “Why do we have to learn this” make this simple assignment:

Read this article and write one unique paragraph on “Why should we learn math?”

To your success and prosperity,
JoLynn Colbert

Author JoLynn Colbert invites you to view our FREE! Report on how to motivate your child. http://www.tutorfi.com/parents


So there you have it! A very good article and your explanation as to why you (and your children) need to learn math!

Until next time – make sure you get your share of pi



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